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Koln, Germany February 21, 2003

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Instead of staying in another Hostel, we decided for the same price to get a bed and breakfast hotel. We found this place right on the Rhine River. It was beautiful. We had down comforters, and oak furniture. Breakfast was included too, always a plus!

Emily and I split up to give ourselves some time alone. I walked along the river, almost in tears because it was so pretty. There was not a cloud in the sky, the sun was shining! I walked to the Chocolate Museum…. Mmmm….

I then walked around most of the city, looking at churches, monuments and parks. I came to a huge shopping district, and browsed some shops.

Emily and I met back up and walked around some more. We got dinner at this little bar, and we went shopping again! I FOUND H&M! I bought black pants for 4.50! Everyone has black pants in Europe except me – I felt left out! They are really nice!