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Carnivale!! March 1, 2003

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I can’t believe its March already! It really feels like the middle of may, still! The first night of Carnival was so much fun. I went with Emily, Courtney and Liz. Emily and I had our little crowns on, and Liz and Courtney dressed up as men. We were the only Emerson kids at the Vink for two hours. This was very nice because the locals found it fun to teach us about their customs and about their traditions. They were amazed that we don’t have Carnival in America. It was all women at the Vink. I was told that it was a celebration of the 1900s when women were given the right to enter a bar. All the women were dressed as they would have been in the 1900s, it was really cute. Around 11pm, the “kings” of this year’s carnival came, and they danced to Dutch music. They taught us some dances. They also were really big into conga lines, and they kept pulling us into them. It was great! They had Dutch food, that they insisted we try, and it was really good, even though I have no idea what it was! When the Vink started to fill up with all Emerson kids, I left, and came back to the Castle to watch “Pretty Woman”. Good Times.

I went to Venlo and booked my Eurail tickets for Switzerland. It took me like an hour and a half to finally get them. Apparently, next weekend is vacation week and everyone is going to Switzerland. But I got them. Then I walked around and shopped for a bit. I got really excited about clubbing sometime, so I bought club clothes that I’m probably never going to wear, but they were cute, so I bought them anyways.