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Carnivale Wrap Up! March 2, 2003

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Well Carnival is in full swing. Last night was amazing. We all went to the Linden for the big costume party. The guys were all dressed up as kings and princes and the women had all sorts of weird costumes. Everyone was drunk, it was so funny. I had on my cute little backless shirt I just bought in Venlo. Some Emerson kids came dressed up in various costumes: a pirate, an Indian, police man… They had a live band that played pretty much every kind of music. They played traditional Dutch music, that I am now addicted to, and they played awesome techno music, and then they played stuff like Elvis Presley and other classic American music. so funny how they become so fond of American music. We danced pretty much all night; it was such a great time.

Today was the parade. It was, oh my god, the BEST parade I’ve ever seen. It lasted an hour and half, it was so long. It’s weird because the town is so small, I don’t know how there was anyone to actually watch the parade because everyone in the town was in it. There were so many floats, they had different themes: 70s retro, the queen of hearts, the police and a bunch of other stuff. It was scary, the police float threw fake grenades at the crowd and they smoked, and it was scary, all the Americans were like, “umm…. Why are they throwing grenades at us?” There was a Harry Potter theme float too. The other really big part of this parade was, surprise, surprise: alcohol. Everyone in the parade was drinking on the floats. And they don’t throw candy at the crowd, they throw alcohol. They were throwing individual shots in little bottles at us, I got an apple shot that I gave to Kevin. One float was giving away full cans of Heineken. I think the whole theory behind carnival is that you get really drunk all weekend, up until Fat Tuesday and then you fast for 40 days. So everyone will be partying tonight too. I have to study for midterms. This is the absolute worst weekend to do so, no one wants to study, there are so many parties going on. Its crazy.