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Castle Midterms March 5, 2003

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Ok, midterms are the most evil thing in the world. I have been going insane this week trying to make sure I know everything. I had my Intercultural Communication midterm yesterday and one of my answers was: “I think I know this answer, it begins with a C, but I can not think of it right now… do you give partial credit?” Well, we will see about that… but in the middle of our test, a parade came right through the Castle gates and into the courtyard…like a tractor pulling a float and there was a band that was playing Dutch music and everything. It was so strange, but hey, I guess during Carnivale, anything goes. Then I had my Renaissance class and in the middle of that class, fireworks went off. Luckily, my teacher let us have a break so we could watch them. They were ordinary fireworks, but the Dutch just made them seem so much better. Right now, I am off to go for a run…. I’ve been good and I’ve been going pretty consistently. The weather is just amazing.