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Salzburg, Austria April 7, 2003

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Tuesday, I went to Salzburg, Austria. I went for the sole purpose of going on the Sound of Music tour. The movie was filmed there and the actually family lived there. It snowed during most of my time there. I toured the town the first day with a girl I met in my hostel. I went there alone, so I had like, no one to talk to. I climbed some hills, took some pictures, saw some castles… and chilled.

austrian alps

One night, at 1am, a group of us watched the movie in the hostel. It ended at 4am. It was fun though. I had all the songs stuck in my head. Then, the next day, I did the tour. It was 4 hours long, and I saw all the places the movie was filmed, even the Gazebo that “16 going on 17” was shot in. Everything I saw was awesome. I loved it. Then, after the tour, it was cold, and I was lonely and homesick, I called Irving crying, for some comfort, and the phone card ran out. It was tragic. Bad day in Austria.


top of salzburg

Salzburg is where "The Sound of Music" was filmed. The actual story also took place here!

sound of music lake
The Back of the "Von Trapp" house in the movie. And the lake where the boat flips over in the beginning of the film.

The Abbey!

gazeebo from movie
The Actual Gazeebo in the movie. Where they sing "16 Going on 17"!

lane where julie andrews dances on
Road where the Von Trapp kids were "hanging from trees"!

maria got married in this church
In the Movie, this is the church where Maria and the captain get married. This is not really in Salzburg, but in the movie its supposed to be.

The fountain where the children danced:
fountain from som

The hill where they escaped to in real life:
hill where they escaped to in real life 

A girl that I met in my hostel who did the tour with me!
Me and a girl i met in salzburg 


The church that they “got married in”
sound of music church 

On the Sound of Music Tour:
sound of music tour 

I love Austria!
sound of music

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