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Exploring the Netherlands April 19, 2003

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Today, Dara and I totally slept in. Then, at noon, we met Dominique at the Vink. He is a guy that works in the dining hall with me. He lives in the village here. All of us were going to Arcen, a town 15 minutes away. In Arcen is the ice cream place rated “Best Ice-Cream in Europe, for like 3 or 4 years in a row. We got there, and it was true, it was great! Then, we walked around the town for a while and saw some of the castles in the area. One of them looks very similar to our castle. It was fun. Marjorie, Tony, Dara and I went to the Vink for dinner and got some soup. Then at night, till almost 2am, we watched the “Sixth Sense” with a bunch of people. It freaked us all out because it was scary. Dara and I were scared to go back to our room. This castle is scary at night when there aren’t too many people in it. Oh, and by the way, there has been a massive attack of spiders on the Castle and they are everywhere, it’s so scary and gross.