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Easter in the Netherlands April 21, 2003

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Yesterday was Easter Sunday. I attempted to get up early and go to a Dutch Easter Mass, but then got too tired and decided against it. We could hear the church bells from our room though (does that count?) Today, I went for a run, then chilled on the lawn outside and did some homework. It was sooo nice outside! Then, Nelly cooked us an “easter dinner”, but it was terrible and I got sick from it. I’m so mad because here, you have three options: 1.) get sick from the food 2.) eat peanut butter and bread for the rest of your life and get fat 3.) starve… you just can’t win. Everyone is super homesick. Thank god Irving called me tonight, because I just want to come home. My sister is in Europe this week, my parents are in Disney World, and I’m here…. All alone. I had a great time here, but enough is enough and I ran out of money…. Time for Boston!

Today was Easter Monday. Again, everything was closed. Apparently it’s a big holiday here. It was close to 80 degrees here today, super hot. I went for a nice run around the village, and for the rest of the day, just relaxed on the field behind the castle. There was a little cookout going on, and a bunch of guys bought a grill and a bunch of meat and veggies, and just barbequed all day. Everyone just hung out on blankets, getting some sun. We played Frisbee, and cards, and just talked about stuff. It was perfect. What a great day.