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Wedding Recap: Getting Ready July 11, 2009

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After the Run with the Bride, I headed over to the Inn that we rented down the road. It was so fun to have a whole inn just for us. It was a relaxing morning for the most part.

I definitely do not recommend my hair and makeup stylists. It was the worst vendor that we worked with. They were rude, disrespectful and they ripped me off… if you want more details, email me.

But let’s focus on the fun stuff, shall we?

Irving gave me a present!

I think I was shocked when all the girls came out of the room together. They looked amazing and I was just in awe. 🙂

Then it was time for hair…


Everything was great until it was time for the veil!

It wouldn’t stay in my hair!! And she left before it was fixed. There may have been tears. HAHA

(I love how annoyed I am in this picture. HAHA)
How many bridesmaids does it take to fix a veil?
2009-07-11 Kelley's Wedding DAy_07 12 09_1016

All of them!
2009-07-11 Kelley's Wedding DAy_07 12 09_1012

But finally it was fixed and we could move on…. until a Bee flew up my dress!!
It was in between the lace and the satin and it couldn’t get out! I just screamed at the top of my lungs: “DADDYYYYYYYY!”

And he came over and got it out. HAHA
2009-07-11 Kelley's Wedding DAy_07 12 09_1050

There. Now I’m ready. HA
2009-07-11 Kelley's Wedding DAy_07 12 09_1044

Meanwhile, Irving was getting ready too!
IMG_9734 1

IMG_9746 1-Edit 

He got the phonecall that he had to leave the room (so I could hang out there before the wedding). We didn’t see each other until I walked down the aisle.
IMG_9757 1

We hung out there til it was time! I got a phonecall from our wedding coordinator. She said, “Kelley, time to go get married!”

So we jumped in the elevator and lined up…


our wedding was about to begin!