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Wedding Recap: Programs July 11, 2009

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I’m dedicating a whole post to my programs because they were the most labor intense part of the whole wedding! It sounded like an easy project at first, but it took some serious thought and elbow grease to put these together!!

We chose to do fan programs (because hey, it’s hot in new england in july!)

I got the idea and the template from Aylee Bits.

I printed out all the petals onto cardstock and then cut them out BY HAND!

Programs 004 

We made 75 programs, there were 9 petals for each fan. So that means that I cut 675 petals out! I had a blister by the end!

The carnage!
Programs 008

Once I cut them all, my plan was to hole punch each individual page to put them together. My dad looked at me and laughed because he had a better idea!

Behold the beauty of how power tools can help with wedding planning!
 IMG_0239 IMG_0240

The final product!
programs 012