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Wedding Recap: Shower #1 July 11, 2009

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I can’t believe that my 1-year wedding anniversary is just days away. This year has been one of the best and I couldn’t be happier.

Since I didn’t have my blog last year to recap all the details of our wedding, I will be posting all kinds of photos from last year in the next week or so. Hope you enjoy!!


Our families live on opposite coasts, so we were blessed with two amazing showers. We’re two very lucky people.

2009-04-18 Kelley Bridal Shower_0652

The first one was a total surprise while we were home on the east coast for a few days last April.



Even though I had no idea, Irving and I still had color coordinated outfits. HAHA


Every little detail was just amazing. From the cake:
2009-04-18 Kelley Bridal Shower_0654

To the “towel cake”:
 2009-04-18 Kelley Bridal Shower_0655

To the Tea Pots!

They even had a chocolate fountain!

The favors were little treat bags with chocolate dipped tea spoons and homemade chocolate covered cherries!

Shower_Bach_WeekendApril09 127
It was so awesome to see my family and our friends!

Shower_Bach_WeekendApril09 007
2009-04-18 Kelley Bridal Shower_0659

Erika even came all the way from Florida!!

2009-04-18 Kelley Bridal Shower_0666

Look how happy I am!!!
2009-04-18 Kelley Bridal Shower_0662

Everyone loved the tea party! Even the littlest guests!
2009-04-18 Kelley Bridal Shower_0665

2009-04-18 Kelley Bridal Shower_0668

Then we played “Bingo” while we opened our amazing gifts!
2009-04-18 Kelley Bridal Shower_0632

Dad was a great helper!
2009-04-18 Kelley Bridal Shower_0633

My grandmother cross-stitched an amazing tablecloth for us!
2009-04-18 Kelley Bridal Shower_0638

Awe man, we’re so lucky!
2009-04-18 Kelley Bridal Shower_0639

2009-04-18 Kelley Bridal Shower_0643

2009-04-18 Kelley Bridal Shower_0642

Cutting into the most beautiful cake in the whole world!
2009-04-18 Kelley Bridal Shower_0647


I have a bagillion more photos of this, but I thought you guys might get bored.
Thank you SO much for everyone who came. It was SUCH a special Day!!!

Shower_Bach_WeekendApril09 086

PS… not to mention that Ashley and JR spoiled us when we got back to LA too!!
Shower_Bach_WeekendApril09 133