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Wedding Recap: The Wedding Week! July 11, 2009

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Planning a wedding from the opposite coast definitely posed some challenges, but we were up for it! We were extremely prepared and organized, so it wasn’t too bad.

Our dining room table became wedding central the week before we left!

At the airport, ready to go get married!

  Honeymoon 004 

Next time we’re on the west coast, we’d be married!
Honeymoon 006

When we got to Boston, we spent a little time organizing all the stuff that we had in my mom’s house and then headed up to Lake Winnipesaukee!! 
Honeymoon 007

It was so exciting to see our families merge in one location!
Hi Jake and Janie!
Honeymoon 009 

My grandparent’s awesome neighbor let me store my dress in their unit so Irving wouldn’t see it!
2009-07-11 kelley's Wedding_07 08 09_0875

My parents gave us this aerial photo of our wedding location. We love it!
 2009-07-11 kelley's Wedding_07 08 09_0885  

2009-07-11 kelley's Wedding_07 08 09_0887

Per family tradition, we did face masks too!  HAHA
2009-07-11 kelley's Wedding_07 08 09_0878

And then the madness fun began!

I LIVE for to-do lists! This was the Mecca of all to-do lists. It was pretty awesome!

July 5: Pick up stuff for ‘Out of Town’ bags, pick up food for BBQ at grocery store
July 6: Get Marriage License, put ribbon on bubbles, make favors, meet with officiant, take jetski test, deliver ‘Out of Town’ bags to hotels.
July 7: Conference with photographer and videographer, talk to florist, salon appointment, talk to band, pick up groomsmen from airport
July 8: Sign jetski contract, drop off everything to ceremony location, drop off rehearsal dinner menus, talk to cake lady, family arrives at lake, individual family dinners
July 9: Meet with Table Runner lady, pick up bachelor party cake, Bridal Party BBQ party!! Camping sleepover with bridal party!
July 10: Drop off rehearsal dinner decorations, pick up table runners, Rehearsal and Rehearsal dinner! Cocktails with all the guests!
July 11: Get married!!!!
July 12: Farewell brunch and HONEYMOON!