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The Dreaded Thanksgiving Commute…. December 1, 2009

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This year, we did Thanksgiving in the Bay Area, which means we (and half a million other people) drive from LA to San Francisco for the holiday. I think everyone else gets out at noon on Wednesday so EVERYONE leaves at the same time… it was horrendous leaving LA through the Grapevine, but overall, not a bad drive.

Per usual, we stopped at Harris Ranch about 4 hours into the drive. 

We picked out some Thanksgiving desserts to bring up, and I got a little snack for the rest of the drive! A desserty parfait cup! It has layers of Pound Cake, Chocolate Cake, pudding, berries and Whipped Cream.

Oh… and topped with Nuts and Chocolate Sauce…..

I ate it while working on my marathon training plan! 

Yep… that was pretty much a whole post dedicated to cake, chocolate and whipped cream. 🙂