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This List is Bananas! July 3, 2011

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We are up to San Francisco this weekend to see some family and escape the Los Angeles Heat (Rumor has it that it was supposed to be 110* there this weekend!!) But before we left LA, I had a schwaggle of errands to run first.

PS…how does ‘bananas’ end up on my to do list. LOL If you’re wondering, I had to freeze some ripe bananas for smoothies this week.

Let’s see…. have lunch, put some receipts into Quicken, Pack for the weekend…. next up… bring all of our paper, cans and bottles to the recycling center. When it’s 92 degrees, it’s not fun being around sweltering trash piles and heaving box of newspapers into bins. But at least I am saving the environment… and I got paid a whopping $1.90 for my cans. I really wish my condo had recycling, because it’s borderline not worth it to even bother.

Next up (ahead of schedule thankyouverymuch) was Costco to fill up my car for the 6-hour drive.

Done and done. Then I went to Target to pick up a few things.
(What? Your target doesn’t have a palm tree out front?

After that, I hit up Citibank quickly. And then snuck a quick trip to Trader Joes for some road trip essentials.

I swung by and picked Irving up and we hit the road! We were expecting lots of holiday traffic, but it really wasn’t that bad. A couple of hours in, we broke out some homemade sandwiches (turkey and cheese on pretzel rolls!)

We chatted so much that I forgot I was even driving. Soon enough, we were already at Harris Ranch (our favorite stop half way there!)


When we got back on the road, Irving took over the driving and we broke out the pop chips! (Salt & Pepper flavor! Full review coming soon!)


We arrived at 11pm and went to bed soon after.


What are your holiday plans this weekend?


The Dreaded Thanksgiving Commute…. December 1, 2009

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This year, we did Thanksgiving in the Bay Area, which means we (and half a million other people) drive from LA to San Francisco for the holiday. I think everyone else gets out at noon on Wednesday so EVERYONE leaves at the same time… it was horrendous leaving LA through the Grapevine, but overall, not a bad drive.

Per usual, we stopped at Harris Ranch about 4 hours into the drive. 

We picked out some Thanksgiving desserts to bring up, and I got a little snack for the rest of the drive! A desserty parfait cup! It has layers of Pound Cake, Chocolate Cake, pudding, berries and Whipped Cream.

Oh… and topped with Nuts and Chocolate Sauce…..

I ate it while working on my marathon training plan! 

Yep… that was pretty much a whole post dedicated to cake, chocolate and whipped cream. 🙂


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