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Christmas in California! January 10, 2010

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As sad as it was to leave Boston, my family and my sisters after Christmas…

….we knew we had to come back and get back to our life in California. But it was super fun to know that we had another Christmas waiting for us back here. We saved our gifts to each other until we got back. but it still felt like Christmas to us!

We put our jammies on (just like Christmas Morning) and got our stockings!

PS. I can’t believe our tree is still standing! That thing lasted a month!

We sat on the floor in front of the fireplace and the present opening began!

Stockings First! Irving got his usual sunscreen and deodorant. haha

My turn!

We also found a gift from Jake and Janie under the tree! (Hi Jake and Janie!) Thank you!!

When all the presents were opened, I asked Irving, “Did you get everything you wanted?” And he sadly said, “Yea, I guess. Except for one thing.” He really really really wanted the FIFA 2010 video game this year. This was his face when he thought he didn’t get it:

But then I surprised him with one more gift…..FIFA 2010! He was so excited and now he looked like this:

Yep. I’m pretty much the best wife ever.

Here’s some of my loot! I also got the new Lady Gaga CD…. which makes Irving the best husband ever.

So what was my favorite gift this year? MY FIRST IPOD EVER!!!!!

It’s teal! So cute huh?

It was a pretty awesome Christmas this year.