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Last Christmas as a “Two” January 1, 2012

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Because we were out of town on Christmas, we decided to save our gifts to each other til New Year’s. We both got up at 5am super excited like little kids to open presents. Even though it’s probably the last year for a long time we’ll be able to sleep in on Christmas, we still got up early nonetheless.

Coffee for him and Tea for her and we were ready to go!

Stockings first and then our gifts (tradition!)
IMG_1037 IMG_1038

For those of you who don’t already know, we play a game each year to help shop for gifts. We made a list of about 100 adjectives like “Something Red”, “Starts with an R”, “Made in Europe”, etc. We pick cards in the fall and have to find gifts that satisfy those words. Makes it fun!

We change out the rules each year. Here are this years:

  • Have to pick 5 cards
  • Have to use at least 3
  • Have to use at least 1 more that is the “Opposite Of


Here were the results from this year (Just a few of the gifts we ended up with):


  1. TISKET A TASKET – Tweezerman Tweezers (YAY!)
  2. FROM YOUR BIRTHYEAR – Retro Icepack (Since I’ll give Birth this year!!)
  3. SOMETHING GREEN – Tea Box (That Includes Green Tea!)
  4. IT’S A GAMBLE – Cell Phone Mount for my car (It was a gamble since I also got one from my parents too! Oh well, have to return one!)
  5. OUTDOOR USE ONLY (OPPOSITE OF) – Cast Iron Cookie Skillet to make my own Pazookis! (OMG I CAN’T WAIT!!!)


  1. INVESTMENT – Coffee Grinder (To grind your own beans! The gift that keeps on giving!)
  2. SOMETHING STORED IN THE BOX IT COMES IN – Coffee Bean Canister (to store all those beans!)
  3. HOMEMADE – Keurig KCups and SodaStream Mixes
  4. DUAL PURPOSE – Adidas Flip Flops (one for each foot = dual… right?! Ok, that was a stretch)
  5. TOGETHER (OPPOSITE OF) – A Golf Shirt and Jacket that is just for him

So there you go! Another successful and fun Christmas! We hope to carry that Gift Game tradition on to our kids someday too!

Happy New Year everyone!!

PS: Despite the odds, I actually stayed up til Midnight last night to ring in the New Year! I didn’t think I could. So proud. =)


Santa Came!!!! December 18, 2010

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Today was a beautiful rainy day in Los Angeles. It rained all day long and we loved every minute of it. We spent the morning sleeping in, reading, cleaning up and listening to Christmas Music. It was perfect. Then we skyped with my parents for a while to say hi.

We sipped on some morning coffee and admired the presents under the tree.

IMG_2471  IMG_2473

Then we both looked at each other and decided this lazy rainy day was the perfect time to open all of our presents to each other!!! We won’t be together on Christmas Day this year, so it was special to be able to open our gifts together.

And so we did!! First up was our stockings!


Lots of goodies inside!

Irving loved his FIFA 2011 Soccer download!!!



And what better for a rainy day? SWEET!!! New Wiper Blades!!
(Haven’t changed them in six years, it’s about time, right?!)

Irving’s Stocking treasures!

And mine!! (He knows me well!)

Then it was time for the big presents!

One of the first gifts was this laptop pad! It’s AWESOME!

Perfect for Blogging!!!! And it has SPEAKERS!

A few years back we started a tradition of making our gift giving fun and exciting. We pick cards around Thanksgiving that each have an adjective on it (ie: Something Green, Batteries Not Included, For a Roadtrip, etc). We picked our cards back in November this time. We keep them a secret until we open up the presents, and it makes it more fun!

First up…BEGINS WITH AN R…I got a Foam Roller!!!!!!
(This is an amazing invention for anyone with tight muscles!)
IMG_2487 IMG_2488


Irving was excited to open this one! SOMETHING WOODEN!

A BBQ brush for the grill!!


I also got Irving…

NOISE (A new alarm clock for the bedroom)!

CHORE or TASK (Running Clothes… what? Running is a chore sometimes!)

SOME ASSEMBLY REQUIRED (Golf Club covers for traveling)

NOT ENOUGH (Because Irving will eat this entire box of Shortbread Cookies on his own and declare that was still NOT ENOUGH!)

And I was the very lucky recipient of these gifts!!


At first I was very confused by this. Was Pass the Pigs invented in 1983? Did people play the game in the 80s or something? No. It’s even BETTER than that! 1983 was the Year of the PIG!!!! Brilliant! Just brilliant!!!!

HUH? There’s a lot of ways this one can be interpreted!  The backstory is that I put “Blog Business Cards” on my Christmas List. So he gave me this!

HAHAHAHA And in order to get the note out, I had to solve this puzzle maze! and then it unlocked.


hahaha It was hard!!

But I’m pretty excited about the business cards… because my next one was REGIONAL


My husband booked a hotel and bought my registration for BlogHer 11, which is in San Diego this year!!! This is a huge conference for bloggers and I’m SO excited to be a part of it!!! I hope to learn a lot and meet lots of other bloggers there! I’m SOOO excited!!!!!


The carnage!

It was a very Merry Los Angeles Christmas today!! Thank you babe! ❤


Christmas in California! January 10, 2010

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As sad as it was to leave Boston, my family and my sisters after Christmas…

….we knew we had to come back and get back to our life in California. But it was super fun to know that we had another Christmas waiting for us back here. We saved our gifts to each other until we got back. but it still felt like Christmas to us!

We put our jammies on (just like Christmas Morning) and got our stockings!

PS. I can’t believe our tree is still standing! That thing lasted a month!

We sat on the floor in front of the fireplace and the present opening began!

Stockings First! Irving got his usual sunscreen and deodorant. haha

My turn!

We also found a gift from Jake and Janie under the tree! (Hi Jake and Janie!) Thank you!!

When all the presents were opened, I asked Irving, “Did you get everything you wanted?” And he sadly said, “Yea, I guess. Except for one thing.” He really really really wanted the FIFA 2010 video game this year. This was his face when he thought he didn’t get it:

But then I surprised him with one more gift…..FIFA 2010! He was so excited and now he looked like this:

Yep. I’m pretty much the best wife ever.

Here’s some of my loot! I also got the new Lady Gaga CD…. which makes Irving the best husband ever.

So what was my favorite gift this year? MY FIRST IPOD EVER!!!!!

It’s teal! So cute huh?

It was a pretty awesome Christmas this year. 


Pre-Christmas Presents! December 14, 2009

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Wow, I came home to find a whole bunch of good mail today! A whole bunch of great christmas cards (thanks for thinking of us, friends!) We also got an early Christmas Present from Jake and Janie (hi guys!) but Irving wouldn’t let me open them til Christmas! But I did grab the cute Ornament they sent and put it promptly on the tree!! It combines my three favorite things: Cupcakes, Christmas and Ornament. 🙂 

And then Erika sent us a HUGE box of homemade Christmas cookies!!! THANK YOU!!!!! Not only were they gorgeously wrapped, but they tasted ah-mazing. Look how pretty they look!

The note read: One great way of spreading cheer, is singing loud for all to hear. (or eating cookies!)

There were candy cane shaped almond cookies, chocolate cookies, sugar cookies and this amazing one:

I mean, how awesome is that combination! We quickly ate one of everything before dinner!

Irving was caught going back for seconds!


Thanks for the awesome christmas treats! We love them… and have to resist eating one everytime we walk past them! YUM YUM!


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