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Olympic Party! February 13, 2010

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Last night we celebrated the Olympic Opening Ceremonies in style with an Olympic-themed party! We had a “cultural potluck” to celebrate all the countries! Everyone brought a dish from a different country and it was DELICIOUS! We have some talented chefs in our circle of friends, thanks guys! (More on the food later).

But first, we were SUPER excited about our totally awesome American decorations we found at the 99 cent store. SCORE! Check it out!

Even in the bathroom!!

And check out the AWESOME olympic rings I made. Pretty good, huh?

Irving and I got into the mood by wearing some of our “medals”!

((A little piece of Irving trivia: He ran the Las Vegas 1/2 Marathon in 2006 because I signed him up without telling him. haha!

We had about 13 people in our place! I think that was a record for us! Hopefully everyone was comfortable.

We got these cute chocolate coins from World Market. They had different coins from around the world. Some of them also had picture of different cities. They were fun!

Like I was saying, we had some AMAZING food! Everyone had to make a name tag for the country of their dish. 🙂

Here’s a sampling! 

Chips and Salsa = Mexico

Armenian Pizza (served with Lemon!) = Armenia
 Pizza = Italy

Christina brought over Dumplings! = China

Chili = Chile HAHAHA (We were pretty proud of that one!)

Cornish Vegetable Pastries = England

Baked Brie = France

Hummus, Pita, Tzatziki, Olives = Greece

A Heineken Keg = The Netherlands! HAHA

Baked Eggplant with Goat Cheese/Tomato Sauce = Spain

Red Velvet Whoppie Pies! = Canada or Switzerland (For Red/White Colors!)

Then we watched the Opening Ceremonies! All 4.5 hours of it. For the most part, I thought the show was great. 

We were a little confused about the costume choice of this act… but still pretty cool.

We ended the night with a shot out of the “Ice Shot Glasses” we got for our wedding. (Yes, my husband put frozen shot glasses on our registry. haha)

Everyone keeps saying that the Vancouver Olympic Ceremony wasn’t anything close to Beijing. I understand what they mean, but I’m really happy with the way Vancouver did them. They aren’t proving a point to the world like Beijing was. The world already likes Vancouver, they don’t need an overly expensive spectacle to prove that. I think it was smart and cute. Although I was disappointed they didn’t have any Cirque du Soleil stuff (considering it originated in Montreal).

Thanks to all our friends who came over! Hope you had as much fun as we did!! GO USA!!!!


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  1. Erika Says:

    Awe, that looks like so much fun! I thought of you during the opening ceremonies and was wondering if you were doing anything fun! I wish we could’ve been there!

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