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Skiing Whistler! March 7, 2010

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I haven’t skiied in a couple of years, but after years of lessons in Aspen, I thought I’d be ready to conquer Whistler… We rented some nice skies and headed up the lifts.

We just kept going up and up and up! We literally were above the clouds at the top! And it was snowy and hard to see!

Some fun highlights throughout the day:
-Skiing a Glacier!!! (It was fresh powder among cliffs of rock, truly beautiful). 
-Falling off the T-Bar at the Glacier. HAHAHA Irving was laughing at me!
-Crying at the top because I didn’t think I could make it down. HAHAHA I think my boots were initially too tight, and the powder was deep. And with the Whiteout conditions, it was really hard to see.  
But ultimately, it was an amazing day. I started sticking to solely green trails, because the blues really should have been blacks anywhere else. 

A quick rest stop at the top of the mountain:

A few years ago, they put in a “Peak to Peak” gondola connecting Blackcomb to Whistler mountain at the top. It was amazing. The whole thing is a mile long, and there are only 4 support poles holding it up!

How cool is this picture? (Click to enlarge, it’s worth it!) We in the clouds!

On the other side, we saw the famous Inukshuk Statue! (Did you see it on TV during the Olympics?!)

On the way back on the Peak to Peak, we got the “Glass Bottom Gondola!” But it was too foggy out to really see much, but  still pretty cool.

I wish I got a picture, but one of the trails we took was a “5k”! It was 3.1 miles long! And it was just a gentle decline, almost flat actually. But it took FOREVER! At least it was beautiful!

By the end, I was just exhausted. Since we were staying in a “Ski In/Ski Out” hotel, I waited on the mountain and Irving skied down and returned my skies for me. What a guy. HA! I sat in the snow and waited while he hiked back up. HAHA


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  1. Erika Says:

    Those are amazing pictures!! That gondola ride in the clouds looks so scary! I bet it was awesome, but it looked like something from Avatar or something. You look so high up! Looks like you had a blast!!!!!

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