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Easter! April 6, 2010

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Sunday was a nice relaxing day. It was so beautiful outside. It really did feel like spring. And for LA, sometimes that’s hard to find. 

I woke up a little homesick for my family on the east coast, but they sent over a ton of pictures. My family is pretty big. Look how cute all the cousins are!!
And of course little Gizmo enjoyed Easter too!

I started my day out by planting some Crocus Bulbs. They are supposed to bloom in a month or so. I really hope they do! I don’t exactly have a green thumb (even for little pots like this). So we’ll see.

I was so lucky to have good friends close by to celebrate Easter with! Erica and Beth came over and we had a nice little lunch. It was so fun!

The bunnies looked on as we ate! The Mimosas totally made the meal, I think.

And if you can’t tell, Erica and Beth are sisters!
After lunch, we played a fun game of Yahtzee!! And (no joke) Erica rolled Yahtzee THREE TIMES in one game!!!!
Unfortunately, the fun was interrupted by a 7.2 Earthquake! It was so weird. My chandelier above us was swinging back and forth!

 Thankfully there wasn’t much damage, but still pretty crazy to feel it rolling like that.

When Irving got home, we finished the night with some Jelly Beans and Chocolate Eggs. 

Happy Easter!!