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I Hate the Easter Bunny April 1, 2013

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Happy Easter!!! Easter is slowly becoming one of my favorite holidays. I love the traditions, the start of spring, and the promise of a great year ahead. Of course I always miss my family on Easter, but we’re starting to form our own little traditions out here in LA and it’s becoming a special weekend to us.




Easter morning, Adele woke up and Irving played with her in her room for an hour or so before I got up. Then we were excited to show Adele what the Easter Bunny brought for her! She was pretty excited!


It’s funny how babies know new toys when they see them. She was fascinated by the eggs.
IMG_1020And then we showed her that there were Puffs inside the eggs and from that moment on, she knew the Easter Bunny was her BFF.

Because this lucky lady is going to Hawaii soon, the Easter Bunny brought her gifts in a new shiny teal pail! How did he know that Teal was mom’s favorite color too? That guy is smart.

So what did the EB put inside that pail?

An Easter Book, a new bath toy and some Wooden Toy Cars! I think they were all a hit! We spent a while playing with the new toys and opening as many eggs as we could.


And since it wouldn’t be easter without actually meeting the Easter Bunny himself, we decided to try again to go visit him on his farm! I was determined to get a picture with the bunny no matter what! So I invited some friends and we made the 40 minute drive to Underwood Family Farms to find that rabbit!

Note: Find friends that bring Bunny Ears on adventures. It’s worth it, trust me.

When we got to the farm, it was overcast, but we figured that was better than sun, so we didn’t think anything of it. We had a blast looking at all the fun animals on the farm.

Old Macdonald had a…. peacock?

And then it was time to go find the Easter Bunny! …… But it started raining. At first, a few drops, then a light drizzle. So we hunkered down under a tent for a little bit waiting for the skies to clear.

We waited an hour, chatting, feeding the babies, drinking coffee and hanging out.

When the rain let up, we looked outside and tried to run towards the bunny!

And then it started pouring again, so we retreated back to our tent. We kept peeking out seeing the miserable bunny sitting in the rain.

Then the skies would clear for a few minutes and we’d head back out again. This time, we knocked on the bunny’s door (literally… we knocked), hoping he’d come out so we could get our stupid picture and go home.
IMG_1066Did you know the Easter Bunny lives in a pink house in the middle of a field? Well he does.

Then some other little kids came over, and they knocked too… but the bunny didn’t come out. Can’t say I blame him really. But I was mad. Two attempts to visit the farm, we came |thisclose| to getting our dumb picture, and then we had to surrender. The 2013 Easter Bunny picture just wasn’t going to happen.
IMG_1060Adele was sad too, can’t you tell?

Maybe I’ll photoshop the bunny in to make myself feel better.
IMG_1066 copyUm, that doesn’t make me feel better… at all.

But all jokes aside, we had an awesome day with our friends. Definitely a day we will never forget. Those poor babies were soaked and hungry, and poor Lisa’s stroller will never be the same again after riding through a muddy farm. But we lived to talk about it and it was so much fun.

But the EB better watch his back, he may have escaped this imd, but Toddler Adele will seek justice next year, just you watch.

I can’t remember who bought this beautiful dress for Adele, but I LOVE it. Lace makes my heart melt. It’s size 12 months too! I can’t believe it! Happy First Easter, Adele!


The 9-Hour Easter Baking Marathon April 11, 2012

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This past weekend, I was supposed to run the Hollywood Half Marathon. I had signed up last summer with a killer coupon code and it just sounded like a good idea at the time. I had wishful thinking of being a pregnant runner, but that just didn’t happen. But I still went to the expo anyways and picked up my bib and I surprised myself by how sad I was that I wouldn’t be running. I really miss the running scene, more than I thought I would. I miss the camaraderie, the runner’s high, the good-for-your-heart training sessions. I am more motivated than ever to get back out there and make my running comeback. Hoping for a 10k in the fall and a half marathon in the spring! Fit Mama, here I come!

So while we were supposed to be running 13.1 miles, my friend Erica and I decided that having a NINE hour baking session would be a good substitute instead. So we trekked over to the market and got all of the essential ingredients. This day was going to be epic.

We had big plans on making FIVE dessert recipes and one savory dinner entrée. Ready….set…GO!

First up were Hilton Waikoloa Village Shortbread Cookies .

They came out so good! But they seemed a little boring, so we melted down some chocolate and dipped them. Mmmm. Perfect.

Next, we whipped up a batch of Birthday Cake Batter Popcorn.  I know, how amazing does that sound?
Happy Easter!!

It was white chocolately, rainbow-sprinkled, salty-sweet goodness. Delicious!

Then we started on what would become the KING of all things chocolate…. S’Mores Stuffed Brownies!!! Uh, hi.

Inside this bad boy are layers of brownie, graham crackers, hershey’s chocolate and marshmallows. Yep. That just happened.

Next up was a little detour from chocolate…. let’s hear it for Bananas Foster Bread Pudding! *clap clap clap*

I’ll admit, I was a little skeptical of this one since it’s not a dessert I’d normally choose… but it was awesome! And super easy to make. I’ll have to remember this when I need a recipe for brunch.
PS… I bought this pie dish especially for this recipe and I felt like such an adult! Adults need fancy pie dishes, right?

And our fifth and final dessert recipe for the day was a batch of Oh Baby Bars (basically a homemade Reece’s peanut butter cup).

Before we could sample ANY of our days-worth of treats… we dove into making dinner! We chose a recipe for Chicken Palava (African Peanut Stew). Something totally different than what I would make or order, but it was really really good.

Dinner was enjoyed over a game of Bananagrams.

I’ve never had a day in the kitchen just for fun before and I really enjoyed it! Maybe next time I’d swap some desserts for more entrees that we can eat throughout the week, but I was encouraged by how easy it was to prepare so many dishes once we had recipes and ingredients on-hand.

I’m so excited for the many bake-sales that might be in my future in five years or so. Watch out!


Easter at the Beaches April 26, 2011

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We woke up Easter morning and discovered the EASTER BUNNY CAME!!!!!!

Maybe he was impressed by our mad baking skills? Either way, he left lots of goodies for us! We were SUPER excited! PEEPS!
kel (83)

The four of us had reservations for brunch at the Madonna Inn.
kel (87)

It’s famous, but not for the reasons you’d expect in a renowned restaurant/inn. You’ll just have to trust me. The entrance to the restaurant looked like this:
kel (90)

And our table for brunch looked like this… actually the whole restaurant looked like this… Pink Pink Pink.
kel (93)

But the food was pretty good.
kel (91)

Drinking Pineapple Juice from a goblet is just plain fun if you ask me!
kel (92)

After breakfast, we drove up to Cambria and did a little antique store window shopping.
kel (96)

It reminded me of New England, everything was so cute!
kel (94)

We found s store that had all homemade rocking chairs. We spent a fair amount of time testing them out.
kel (99)

kel (98)kel (100)

kel (101)

kel (95)kel (103)

When I was little, my parents used to take us to flea markets and antique stores ALLLLL the time. I kept getting deajavous.
kel (104)

Wait, That’s not an antique!
kel (108)

And neither is THAT! That’s the year I met Irving and graduated high school! Whaaa? Now I feel old. haha
kel (105)

The highlight of the day was finding a box of old postcards from the early 1900s. Janie and I spent almost an hour reading through them. Did you know the price of a postcard was only 1 cent from 1900 til 1945? Some of the cards were really funny and interesting. I’d love to buy a whole box of these and track down the relatives of the people and see who they are. That would make for a great documentary, don’t you think? Some of them didn’t even have addresses, they just said “Mary Smith, Philadelphia” and I guess the postman just knew where they were! My, how times have changed!
kel (109)

We drove back down the coast to Morro Bay.
kel (112)

Check out this pimped out golfcart!
kel (110)
We had a snack (croutons and cheese from Pea Soup Andersens!)
kel (111)

Morro Bay is famous for this huge rock in the bay.
kel (116)

kel (117)

Also on the drive, we saw one of the California Missions in San Luis Obisbo. There are 21 total in the state. It was right near Cal Poly University. I love college towns. Everyone was outside drinking coffee and reading.

kel (120)

When we made it back to Avila, we had dinner at Fat Cat Diner. This was our view while we dined!
kel (122)
kel (124)

I drove back to LA solo on Sunday night, and Irving stayed an extra day to play some golf. Yesterday, he took the train home and I picked him up at the station.

kel (127)

What a great weekend. It felt like week long vacation, so relaxing and fun. Thanks Jake and Janie! See you soon!


Easter! April 6, 2010

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Sunday was a nice relaxing day. It was so beautiful outside. It really did feel like spring. And for LA, sometimes that’s hard to find. 

I woke up a little homesick for my family on the east coast, but they sent over a ton of pictures. My family is pretty big. Look how cute all the cousins are!!
And of course little Gizmo enjoyed Easter too!

I started my day out by planting some Crocus Bulbs. They are supposed to bloom in a month or so. I really hope they do! I don’t exactly have a green thumb (even for little pots like this). So we’ll see.

I was so lucky to have good friends close by to celebrate Easter with! Erica and Beth came over and we had a nice little lunch. It was so fun!

The bunnies looked on as we ate! The Mimosas totally made the meal, I think.

And if you can’t tell, Erica and Beth are sisters!
After lunch, we played a fun game of Yahtzee!! And (no joke) Erica rolled Yahtzee THREE TIMES in one game!!!!
Unfortunately, the fun was interrupted by a 7.2 Earthquake! It was so weird. My chandelier above us was swinging back and forth!

 Thankfully there wasn’t much damage, but still pretty crazy to feel it rolling like that.

When Irving got home, we finished the night with some Jelly Beans and Chocolate Eggs. 

Happy Easter!!


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