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Our Icelandic Honeymoon Part 3 May 21, 2010

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One of days in Iceland, we did a coach bus tour of some of the highlights outside of the city.
The entire country of Iceland has about 500,000 people, nearly all of them live in Reykjavik. So the vast majority of the country is uninhabited.

On the tour, we stopped at one of the Geothermic plants. They showed us how they harvest the steam into electricity. They even had a slideshow so we could understand it….
Iceland - 2009 (347)

We were confused. lol

We were also lucky to see some of the infamous Icelandic Horses! They have the purest breed of horse in the world. They’ve never been mated with any other species, and it’s illegal to bring other kinds of horses into the country. They were really pretty. (But I kept my distance because I don’t like horses.)

Iceland - 2009 (427)

Next up, was Gullfoss. It was a beautiful waterfall in a canyon in the countryside.
The green sides were so lush, adn the water just looked like a mirror in the middle. It was HUGE, you can see the walking path on the left hand side.

Iceland - 2009 (367) Iceland - 2009 (366)

Iceland - 2009 (373)

Iceland - 2009 (409)

They filmed the Music Video for Live’s Heaven at Gullfoss:

They also had buttercups growing on the side. I held it under my chin to see if I was sweet. lol
Iceland - 2009 (394)

There is something about the rawness of Iceland that I just loved.
Iceland - 2009 (424)

Iceland - 2009 (442)

Next up, was a visit to the Geysirs! And not just any geysir! The ORIGINAL Geysir. The one that all the other geysirs in the world are named after!


This was just a little one nearby.
Iceland - 2009 (431)

It was a whole park full of these thermal vents.
You can see how deep into the earth they go!
Iceland - 2009 (438)

Yes, it’s boiling water… but I wanted to touch it anyways. lol
Iceland - 2009 (441)

Here’s is Geysir ready to go!
You can see the boiling water bubbling up….

Iceland - 2009 (454)

Iceland - 2009 (455)

Iceland - 2009 (456)

Iceland - 2009 (451)

Hot water spewing everywhere, with nothing more than a rope stopping people from getting hit by it.

Then we headed to Thingvellir National Park. This is where the Vikings used to meet back in those days.

Iceland - 2009 (468)

If you look in the distance, see how the mountains have a line under them? That is where the North American and Eurasian plates meet! That is a rift in the plates.

Iceland was formed when the two plates collided with each other. It really is new earth that has been created by tectonic movement and volcanoes. SO COOL!

So this vast plain is where the vikings used to make laws and such.
Iceland - 2009 (478)

It used to look like this:
 Iceland - 2009 (473)

This is me pretending I’m making important Viking decisions:
Iceland - 2009 (485)

And this is me pretending to jump over the rifts:Iceland - 2009 (490)

The trip to Iceland is over… but the honeymoon continues on and on…

Our new rings!
Iceland - 2009 (496)

Iceland - 2009 (497)

Iceland - 2009 (499)

Goodbye Iceland, you were fantastic!

These were some glaciers over Greenland on our flight home:

Iceland - 2009 (650)


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    I loved all these pics with the descriptions. I think I have seen some before, but its fun to read about them with the footnotes and stuff! Also, I had to laugh out loud about the horses, because I don’t like horses either. I thought I was the only person that didn’t like horses hahaha.

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