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Our Icelandic Honeymoon Part 1 May 21, 2010

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With all the talk lately about the volcano in Iceland, I thought I would share some of my honeymoon pictures! We spent five amazing days in Iceland right after our wedding last July. It was so exciting, romantic and beautiful.

Iceland - 2009 (3)

Iceland is the perfect getaway, especially from the East Coast. It was only a 4.5 hour flight, and would really make the perfect layover on the way to Europe, we highly recommend it!

Iceland - 2009 (153)

Our first stop was the Blue Lagoon!

Iceland - 2009 (28)

We stayed in The Clinic, which is the only hotel on the grounds of the Blue Lagoon.
Iceland - 2009 (19)

It sounds really strange, but it was GORGEOUS.
Iceland - 2009 (186)

When we checked in, we even got a gift since it was our honeymoon!
Which of course became a photo opportunity for our new rings!

Iceland - 2009 (44)

Our hotel was just a short walk to the biggest part of the Lagoon.
Iceland - 2009 (47)

Iceland - 2009 (80)

Along the way we took tons of pictures.
Iceland - 2009 (61)

Iceland - 2009 (62)

Basically, the Blue Lagoon is a big lava field. And the lava gets covered in Moss!
We saw this sign:
Iceland - 2009 (82)

So naturally… we did this:
Iceland - 2009 (118)

Don’t tell!

The  Lagoon was GORGEOUS!

Iceland - 2009 (31)

There are all these bridges that connect the little waterways and “islands” in the lagoon.

Iceland - 2009 (36)

So like I said before, this area is a giant lava field. And then there are all these thermal vents around the area. Nearly all of the electricity Iceland uses is generated from these heat vents. So they started harvesting the steam. The “byproduct” of steam is… hot water! So they decided to flood the lava fields to create the Blue Lagoon. It’s like a giant hot tub!

The reason the waters are so amazing blue is from the high concentrate of Silica Mud that naturally occurs in the area. More on that later!

Since we went in the summer, the sun barely sets at all! There is 22 hours of daylight! It was so weird to look at our watches at 10 o’clock at night and see the sun was still out!
Iceland - 2009 (91)

Prime photography light!
Iceland - 2009 (130)

Iceland - 2009 (124)

Iceland - 2009 (123)

Here’s the deal… anyone can go to the Blue Lagoon. But if you stay at the Clinic, you get to go for FREE!
Not only that… the Clinic has it’s own private Blue Lagoon, just for people who stay there.
Iceland - 2009 (138)

The days we were there, we had it all to ourselves!!

Iceland - 2009 (166)

Iceland - 2009 (172)

We spent the whole day in the water, floating around and relaxing. We also enjoyed scooping up the silica mud and putting it on our faces. It’s supposed to be really good for your skin.

You can either use a little bit of mud…
Iceland - 2009 (159)

Or a lot!

Iceland - 2009 (160)

It felt like playdoh or something. But when it gets wet, it dissolves into the water.


We headed over to spend the day at the Bigger Blue Lagoon. It is a short walk… but it was really hard to roll our suitcases over the lava fields! I was NOT happy!
Iceland - 2009 (200)

But it was WELL worth the trek. The bigger lagoon was so cool! We lounged in the lagoon, went into the saunas, swam under the waterfalls, put more mud on our faces, and even got a massage while we FLOATED in the water!!!! That was pretty incredible.

They also have a swim up bar! We ordered the “Blue Lagoon” drink.
Iceland - 2009 (224)

Iceland - 2009 (226)

To my new husband!
Iceland - 2009 (228)

PS.. those blue bracelets were our keys to our lockers. They also sync with your credit card, and when you order from the bar, you just scan your bracelet and pay on your way out. High Tech, right?

It was so romantic!
Iceland - 2009 (244)

The day was incredible.
We highly recommend the land of lava for your honeymoon.
Iceland - 2009 (243)

Part two will be coming soon!


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  1. Iceland is my DREAM trip….I’m planning on going this year or next year. I LOVE looking at these photos. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Janie Says:

    LOVE the pic of your wedding rings on the lava!

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