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Meet Rosie… May 27, 2010

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Irving’s birthday isn’t until June, but I gave him his birthday present yesterday anyways. I am really bad at keeping secrets, and I was too excited, so I surprised him with it early. 🙂

I think he liked it!!!!


Yep! He’s a lucky guy! Since we’re married now, we get each other fun domestic toys… like the Roomba!


We set it up right away!!!


We get a little too excited about vacuum cleaners. We’ve had our amazing Dyson for 5 years now, and we used to actually fight over who got to vacuum the floors with it. The Dyson has all kind of fun attachments too. We’ll still use it, but for now… it’s all about Rosie the Roomba!


We charged it up for a little bit first (it said to leave it over night… but we were a wee bit excited.

Off she goes!

We spent a good two hours last night watching her clean our condo. She’s so funny. It really is like watching a puppy run around.

She did a pretty good job!


We left her in the bedroom, and when we came back to check on her later, she had pushed all of our books out from under the bed while she cleaned and made a pile in the middle of the floor. HAHAHA

Believe me, there will be funny videos to come….


Irving must be one lucky guy this week, because he also got another package in the mail today!


EJ (his sister) sent him an amazing box of boutique popcorn!!!


Even though he probably wants to eat these all by himself (Mmmm Buffalo Ranch Flavor!), the card had clear instructions:

I’m declaring the Dark Chocolate Cherry dessert tonight!!!!

Thank you EJ + Sarah!!!!!!


3 Responses to “Meet Rosie…”

  1. MIkaela Says:

    hahaha it is like having a new pet!!! love the video…thats so funny! a clean house is a happy house! 🙂

  2. ash pet Says:

    That’s amazing! But I think she missed a few matchsticks!!! Can’t wait to meet your newest addition! Congrats!

  3. Erika Says:

    It’s official, we are totally having a Rosie the Roomba night! I want to see this thing work! I can’t believe she moved your books out from under your bed!

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