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We like to learn stuff! July 26, 2010

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Hope you guys are loving my influx of posts lately. Lots going on! I love the summer!


Sunday morning, Erika and Timmy and I decided to be productive and go learn something. So we headed to the California Science Center. They totally gear the exhibits towards children, but we totally loved it! Why is it so much fun to learn stuff?


The atrium is so pretty!

We went to see the Ecosystems exhibit. We could have spent all day in just that one section!


Each room was a different stage of life.

If I were a 10 year old boy, my favorite would be the Rot Room!!! It was so gross, yet exciting! hahaha

We loved the aquarium section outside. (PS. how awesome is it that you can have exhibits outside? I love LA)!


Here, you had to pretend you were a fish trying to grab food. HAHA
Erika and Timmy almost got some!


In the desert room, you could see how warm your body is compared to the rest of the room. HEE HEE. We were like little kids.

I’m pointing at myself. LOL


The aquariums were so cool!






This was in the LA Room. Hee Hee

After a fun educational morning, we stopped and got some lunch at a Mexican Restaurant called Chano’s. If you haven’t been there yet, you have to go. Mmm. We even got fresh squeezed watermelon juice!!! Wow!

Later on, we headed up to Universal Citywalk to see Inception.

I really liked the movie. It was really, really good. It had a few holes in it, but it was entertaining and the story was good. Not Leonardo DiCaprio’s finest (in my opinion), but a good flix for summer.


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  1. Janie and Jake (OK he's sleeping!) Says:

    I don’t think anyone loves and appreciates LA as much as you! And to get to share it with such good friends makes it even more wonderful!

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