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Sunday Funday! August 1, 2010

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This morning, I got out the door at 6:30a to meet the Los Angeles Racers for a 5-mile run. It was fantastic. I was still a little tight from the 5k Erika and I ran this week (because I’m sadly a wee bit out of practice with the running!) But I really pushed myself today and it felt amazing.

I was with a few friends and I kept pace with them pretty good today. Sometimes it feels amazing to push past your comfort level a little bit and push on. It was a really rewarding run.

Plus the sun stayed hidden by the clouds til after we were done. That always helps.

Here’s the stats:
5 Miles in 1:03. Burned 470 Calories.

Mile 1: 11:48
Mile 2: 13:28
Mile 3: 12:28
Mile 4: 12:32
Mile 5: 12:45

I was hoping for some negative splits, but I’m pretty happy about our pace. That was doing 5:5 intervals (5 minutes running and 5 minutes walking).


After coming home and showering, Erika and Timmy and I walked down to the Hollywood Farmer’s Market.

IMG_5207  IMG_5206

We saw this lemonade stand and HAD to get some!

I got a Watermelon Lemonade! (PS. I’m trying curls in my hair. What do you think?)

For lunch, we met up with Irving at Umami Burger in Hollywood.


It’s a funky new restaurant that all the celebs are raving about.

At first, I was less than impressed. The staff wasn’t very outgoing and it was a little awkward.
There are also a lot of ordering “rules” and they are pretty adamant about them. I thought this was a little off putting.

But all that aside, the burger was actually really impressive.

(But I hate when restaurants don’t serve anything on the side. It was literally JUST the burger. Where are my fries and pickles? (They are sold separately and that really annoys me!)

This was definitely a gourmet burger, and it was worth all the aggravation.

Irving’s had crusted parmesan and some other goodies on it.

I’m not a huge meat eater, but I ate every last bite of mine. MMM!

For “dessert”, we had some of Honey Straws from the Farmer’s Market!
Irving’s matched his shirt!

A very fun day in Hollywood.