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How Prenatal Yoga Changed my Life August 28, 2012

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Before I got pregnant, I had almost no experience with yoga. I had always preferred running or walking as my form of exercise. I always felt I didn’t have enough patience for yoga or that it wasn’t enough of a workout. But when I was 18 weeks pregnant, I decided to try Yoga for the first time. The primary draw for me was the social aspect. I was looking forward to meeting other mamas-to-be and potentially making friends.

As soon as I entered the studio, I felt at home. Within the first 10 minutes of the class, I was hooked. I knew I made the right decision. Each class starts with brief introductions and conversation about pregnancy and motherhood (this is actually my favorite part!) I loved hearing what the other women were feeling and being able to compare notes with them. It was so nice to have a venue for asking questions and hear advice from Jessica (my fearless instructor) and the other pregnant mamas. I learned that everyone else had aching hips, heartburn and insomnia too. I was in good company.

The class itself was more challenging than I initially gave it credit for going in. It was gentle enough that my pregnant body could handle it, but I appreciated the burn my body got after an hour of planks, Warriors and Down Dogs. I left that first class feeling slightly like Jell-o, but stronger than I had ever before. I had endorphins running through me all week and I couldn’t wait to go back.

22 Weeks (3)

I attended the yoga classes regularly for the next five months. It became the highlight of my week, and the most enjoyable part of my pregnancy. It was dedicated time set aside just for me. It was exactly what my mind, body and baby needed to prepare for childbirth and motherhood. It’s a nice reprieve from the demands of work, house chores, social obligations and my inner dialog. It was a safe environment to clear my head and leave all the other baggage at the door — even it was just for an hour.

Yoga became such a great way for me to communicate with my baby. I knew I was sending positive energy to her from inside. She’d reward me with little kicks throughout to let me know she was enjoying it too. I loved doing Down Dogs and hearing Jessica tell us to "look down and say hi to baby!" This made me smile every time. Hi Baby! It was such a fun reminder of the little person growing inside and how important staying healthy was for her.

As the weeks ticked by, I could see my body getting stronger. I could hold my poses just a few beats longer… breathe a little deeper… stretch a little further. I enjoyed feeling how strong my body could be, even with the demands of pregnancy. As my belly grew, I thought my body would slow down, but I discovered that it actually felt stronger each week. This boosted my confidence, helped me sleep better and prepared me for giving birth.

Pregnant Yoga (2)

I loved that yoga helped me set the stage for a whole week of healthy habits. I noticed I started to eat better, drink more water and pay attention to what I was putting into my body. It gave me motivation to walk almost every day, and gave me the tools I needed to stretch and do a few poses every night before bed. It laid the foundation for me to maintain a healthier lifestyle. And that made me feel great. I was in a healthy cycle.

I was impressed at how fun yoga was for me. Especially since I went into it thinking it would be boring and easy. After one class in particular, we had just finished our final Om and I opened my eyes and said "I just feel like clapping wildly!" The surge of energy I got after each class concluded was something I’d never felt before. I can’t explain how excited and proud I was to do a wall handstand for the first time. I had no idea I could do something like that — and 9 months pregnant to boot! My other friends were shocked when I told them that I did it!

Pregnant Yoga (3)

The real test came when it was time to give birth. The breathing techniques I had learned through yoga helped me to dig deep into myself when I needed strength. I was able to push my body further than it might have went without that training. It helped my mind to relax when I needed to separate from the pain. But most important was the faith I had in my body and confidence that I could deliver a baby.


I am so thankful for my experience with yoga and I am so excited to continue my practice now that my baby is here. I loved the community it provided and the space for which I could relax. I love having dedicated ‘me time’ in the calendar. Yoga definitely changed my life. I am more at peace with myself now than I ever have been before. I learned to appreciate my body and all that is capable of. Surrounding myself with that positive energy reminds me weekly of all the wonderful people and things in the world.


The Watermelon Run: Baby’s First 5K! August 22, 2012

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This past weekend, Adele ran her first 5k!

Well… it was kinda like a casual jaunt more than a run, but it is still going down in the books as her first official race!

It was steamy hot in LA this weekend, but we stayed in the shade as much as possible.

Guess who else joined us? Erica! She was such a trooper braving the heat and getting up early to walk with us. So much fun!

The course was a down and back along a bike path, and we decided that since there was little shade and a bit boring, we ditched the official route and detoured to walk around the lake instead. Shhhh! But the views and cool breeze were worth it! (We’re such rebels!)

And the best part about doing The Watermelon Run? You get watermelon at the end! YESSSSsss!!!! Jackpot!

Adele slept the whole way, but I hope she sees we’re setting a good example for a healthy and active lifestyle! Can’t wait til she’s old enough to participate in the kids fun run if she wants!


Handstand: The Proof! May 1, 2012

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I know it seems totally ridiculous to want to bring a camera to a yoga class… but it’s been such an important part of my pregnancy that I just have to start capturing some of it so I remember it. I seriously recommend yoga to any pregnant mama, even if you think you don’t like yoga (like I did!) It’s amazing!

I’m still working on my form, but here’s a few pictures of my handstand this week!!!

Wheeee!! Baby loves being upside down!!!

Takeaway from class this week: Although we are concerned about the life beginning inside of us… we have to pay attention to the birth that is happening TO us as well! We’re being born into mothers and we have to celebrate the outside just as much as the inside!

Five(ish) more weeks until I become a mother!!!


A Pregnant Handstand! April 27, 2012

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My yoga studio recently changed locations and their new space is 10x more awesome than before. Besides a bigger space and a cooler building, the biggest change is that the new studio has wall space! (The old one had couches and cabinets lining the walls to save room).

This may not sound like a big deal… but that means we could try out new moves that involved the wall! And it was pretty awesome and I wanted to share some! The first thing we did was a simple wall squat like this:

We did it three times in a row. The first time was to hold it as long as we could (my thighs were burning!) The second time, we did it by adding long breaths in and out. The point was to get us to focus on our breathing instead of the pain (good practice for childbirth!) And the third time, we did deep breathing and added a “Hmmm” sound to it. When you tone your voice, your muscles vibrate a bit and it helps your body relax. I hope I can remember all of this when I’m in labor, it is so fun to practice!

And later, I did a handstand! Well, an L-Shaped handstand. We started in Down-Dog and then walked our feet up the wall so we ended up looking like this:


It was so exhilarating to be upside down, especially with a big belly in the way. It took so much pressure off my joints and gave the baby so much room! And since my baby has been head down for months now, it probably felt pretty cool in there for him/her to be ‘upright’ for a bit. We did this move with assistance, but I’m dying to try it again. I wonder if Irving would be a willing volunteer to help me. (Irving, yes?) =)


I might be a total dork and bring my camera to my class next week so I can get a few pictures of me doing these moves. I have fallen completely in love with Yoga during the past eight months and I just renewed my membership for another 10 classes. For those who are counting, I only have 6 weeks of pregnancy left, but I’ll carry over my remaining classes to the ‘Mommy and Baby’ sessions post partum. I am SO excited!


A Snail’s Pace August 9, 2011

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Last night was beautiful. A little chilly, but still perfect for a walk. I called up Erika and we laced up our sneakers for a 3 mile walk around the park. I am just so motivated lately and I’m so excited to be walking consistently again.

Little Sophie was an angel on our walk. She was just looking around, taking it all in. I can’t believe how big she is getting. She’s so observant and happy when she’s outside.

I had so much fun chatting with her mama. We always have great deep conversations. Sorry if I talk too much, Erika! hee hee.

This morning, I wanted to keep the momentum going, so I set out on a 2 mile walk before work. I listened to my NPR podcasts (man, I’m so far behind on them!)

Look who I saw along the way! A Snail! I think they come out in the morning after all the lawn sprinklers are finished. But where do they live during the day? where do snails come from anyways?

What have you seen out on your runs/walks lately? I always try to keep an eye out for fun stuff.


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