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A Botched Attempt at Tabbouleh! August 5, 2010

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First off, let me tell you that my Lebanese Grandfather makes the BEST tabbouleh in the world.

Picture circa 2006!

Here’s the recipe (I assure you when followed correctly it’s amazing!

[[Recipe Removed…. I have to perfect it!]]


Now….had I actually followed my own recipe, this would have ended much better…

Mistake #1: Pulsed too many times, the parsley started to puree! 😦

Mistake #2: Should have chopped the tomato separate instead of adding to the parsley.

It ended up almost the consistency of Pesto….and it still tastes great, but how am I going to eat it?

I wonder if I can just toss it with some pasta or rice and make a ‘pesto’ dish? Why not, right? What do you think? Is there a such thing as Parsley Pesto?


5 Responses to “A Botched Attempt at Tabbouleh!”

  1. Sarah Says:

    Go with it… I think you just invented a fabulous sounding new dish. YUM!

  2. cathy Says:

    That is NOT what it is suppose to look like….and you use cracked wheat…soaked…not wheat germ….what the heck did you make…i hope papa doesnt see this mess!….chop the parsley by hand….try again and let me see the pic!

  3. Janie and Jake Says:

    what happened to the wheat germ?

  4. MIkaela Says:

    haha looks like it would be good on pasta or something…good try!

  5. mom Julie Says:

    or with a garlic clove over roasted vegetables, with garbanzo beans or lentils like a salad :). Enjoy.

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