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The Mac N’ Cheese Finale! August 15, 2010

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To top off the end of an absolutely perfect birthday weekend, Irving offered to make me a homemade mac n’ cheese to share with some of our friends! (Yay!)


We had SO much fun playing CLUE! Have you ever played with all 6 players? It’s really hard!!


Ashley won!!
But really…. we all won when the Mac N’ Cheese came out of the oven!!

Hello, cheesy melty goodness!

With a salad bar to uh… make the meal healthy?


Dessert was some cupcakes from this morning!!!

But don’t worry, I did not eat TWO cupcakes in one day (Irving did though!)

Instead, I licked all the frosting off this morning (you know, for breakfast!)

And then tonight…. I had a little bit of frosting and the cupcake left!

HAHA I know, I’m weird!


Happy Birthday to me!!

We toasted with some Apple Cider Iced Wine that JR and Ashley brought back from New York!


JR said he’s climbed from the trees that these apples were picked from!!!


And one more bite of frosting. MMmm!

After that, we played a SUPER fun game of “Left, Right Center”!

JR won the pot!! Winner takes all!
(Just don’t spend your $5.25 winnings all in one place!)

And even though they weren’t supposed to, my amazing friends came armed with gifts!!!

I got a  cute Demdaco statue and the girl was carrying the same kind of flowers that Irving bought me yesterday!

I have quite the collection of these guys now! I love them!

Red Wine and Chocolate…..Yes Please!

[edited to add: I also got a Michaels giftcard! This could be dangerous!] thanks!!!!]

I am LOVING all my pretty flowers! I’ve scattered them all over my place and I smile every time I see them!!
IMG_5488 IMG_5486 IMG_5487

Thanks for helping me celebrate my birthday, guys. You all mean so much to me! I am so thankful to have you as my friends!

And I seriously got over a hundred facebook emails from friends wishing me a ‘happy birthday’ too. Thanks everyone! Miss my East Coast friends, but I appreciate the texts, emails and phone calls!!



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  1. Sarah Says:

    What a fabulous birthday weekend! You guys are so fun. And that mac n’ cheese looking amazzzzzing. I might have to “borrow” the recipe for that one. 😉 What a sweet hubby!

  2. Laurie Says:

    Did you get my card? Hahah What the hay.

  3. leashieloo Says:

    That mac n cheese looks epic! Looks like you had a fabulous birthday!

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