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Tater Tots! August 21, 2010

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Trader Joes just started bringing Tater Tots into the store, so naturally we bought a bag. We weren’t quite sure what we were going to use them for… until Irving brought home a bag of Harris Ranch Burgers!


We got some Cabot Cheese (our new love since we went to the factory!)
And cut up some Tomatoes…

Enter…the Burger Buffet!


But the star of the show was the tater tots (seasoned with some cajun spice!!)




4 Responses to “Tater Tots!”

  1. Wendy Says:

    Woot! Thanks for visiting us. And thanks for the mention. The farm families who own Cabot are super appreciative! (and so am I 🙂

  2. Sarah Says:

    YUM. That looks delicious. And those TTs remind me of high school hot lunches. Ha. Now I’m hungry…

  3. bagnidilucca Says:

    That just looks awful!!!

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