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Celebrating with our Friends! August 26, 2010

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On Monday, Erika found out that she scored an amazing new job! We were SO excited to celebrate with E+T that night! We headed up to Universal Citywalk to have dinner at Saddle Ranch.


The service was slow, but we started off with a ginormous plate of Nachos!
It was as good as it looks, I assure you.


I had no idea what I wanted, so Timmy and I did halfsies and split the Buffalo Chicken Wrap and the BLT.

It was perfect. I could only eat the wrap and took the BLT home, but it was perfect. 🙂

Congrats, Erika!!!


One Response to “Celebrating with our Friends!”

  1. cathy Says:

    Emerson College….it was just yesterday that that boy screamed out your name …”Kelley has arrived!” and a swarm of people came over to dads truck and took all your stuff up to ur QUAD…i dont remember lifting anything heavy…but man there was a ton of huge computer stuff that went…I think we were all in awe at how u got moved in…
    now look…years later you can look bk at the experiences from there and where it has put you today…in a good job in your dream city…LA….though we miss you lots out here on the east coast dad and I are very proud of all that you do and have done over the years…looking fwd to a visit soon
    love you

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