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Boys and Babies September 19, 2010

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What is it with men and babies that makes women go weak at the knees? Girls love when guys show a softer side and talk about tiny toes and cute little things.

Case in point… this is a conversation that I had with Irving this week after I sent him to Target to pick up wrapping paper for Ashley’s shower:


Irving: Just 2 rolls?

me: yep.maybe one baby roll and one roll that we can also use for birthdays in case i don’t use it all. does that make sense?

Irving: I found 2 cute ones.

me: ok cool

Irving: One is baby boy. The other is baby generic.

me: can we do one baby generic and one that could pass as baby and also adult birthday?

Irving:  Just baby today.  Sorry.  Too cute.

me: hahahaha ok good to go then


Can’t argue with that, right? Awee!

PS… these were the two wrapping papers:

IMG_6070 IMG_6069


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  1. Sarah Says:

    I heart Irving. KEEPER!!! 😉

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