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Columbus Day Weekend at Home October 12, 2010

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After Linsay’s shower, I spent the rest of the long weekend hanging out with my family and enjoying the beautiful weather.

I was SO excited that Shelby drove out for the weekend too. She’s the proud mama of the adorable Harper.

I saw her in July, but she’s already grown SO much since then. It’s just crazy how fast they grow!

She got passed around a lot when she came over. Mikaela got to hold her!

And my dad! (I think he misses little baby girls!)

Even my cousins wanted to snuggle with her too!

Thanks for coming over, Shelby! I miss you!

My grandparents came over for brunch on Sunday. It’s always nice to catch up with them in person.

So anyone that knows my mom knows that she can’t sit still for three minutes (in a good way!) She always has to be doing something. And when the weather is nice… that means working in the garden!

She made me grab a shovel and till the garden for the spring.


Gardening is NOT my forte, but we did a great job!

One night, I was puttering around looking through some of my old childhood things, and I came across some old floppy drives. I put one in an old computer and the files were STILL there!!! I was SO excited. I thought i lost some of my old stories I wrote (circa 1993) but they were all still there!

It was a story about a Brain Transplant, and for 5th grade, I thought it was pretty good. HAHA It was over 20 pages long!

It’s silly, but I’m glad I found it! PS… how amazing is this orange text? Technology has come a long ways, my friends!

Monday morning, I met my friends Courtney, Steph and Katie for breakfast at Friendly’s. I hadn’t been to this one since high school! (We used to go after the Football Games I think)!

Later, we went over to Grammie and Papa’s to enjoy some afternoon sunshine. We picked up some authentic Lebanese treats (Zartar and SimSim)!

I brought some home with me because I was craving it…big time. I really hope we can find some when we’re in the Middle East. Mmmm!

And before I jetted off to the airport, we had a family dinner at home.


Sisters! (We missed you, Laurie!)

My dad and I coordinated colors!


I’ll miss this cutie!


These three day getaways are just perfect. Always a little short, but it’s so refreshing. When I go home, my soul gets nourished.

Thank you Christopher Columbus for sailing the ocean blue and giving me three days off to enjoy every drop of it. 🙂


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  1. Sarah Says:

    Awwww, love your family. Glad you had a nice visit home! So sorry we missed you. 😦

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