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Directions to the wedding October 24, 2010

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Back when we were getting married, we created a website for our wedding guests:

And buried in various pages, we had hilarious (we thought) little treasures in there.

I wanted to share our favorite one. It was under the Directions tab. We had the usual directions from the airport, etc to the wedding location… but if you looked closely and scrolled down, guests found this!

Directions from Kelley and Irving’s House

1. Begin journey at Emerson College in Boston, MA
2. Walk around Boston, dreaming about visiting Iceland and planning future in Los Angeles
3. One person fly to LA, the other remains in Boston for about 4 months.
4. The person in LA should drive to San Francisco, and the other person should pack up and move to Amsterdam for a little while.
5. After meeting up in Paris, the person in San Francisco should fly to New York…and get a job.
6. The Amsterdam person should move back to Boston and jump on the Chinatown bus from occasionally to go say hi to the New York person… oh, and sometimes the other way around.
7. When that gets old, the Boston person should fly to LA and hit up some Hollywood parties.
8. After a bit, the LA person should fly back to Boston, jump on a bus to New York and begin a drive together to Los Angeles…via Boston.
9. One person (who shall remain nameless) should start whining for a diamond ring.
10. When it becomes obvious that the next step is getting married…skip that step and buy a condo.
11. One person (who shall remain nameless) REALLY starts whining for a diamond ring.
12. When the time is right, drive to Palm Springs…right when she thinks it’s coming…psych her out and DON’T give her the diamond.
13. But the very next day, at 4:30a, take a side trip to Temecula, CA, jump in a hot air balloon…and a mile up, propose to the one you love.
14. Together, fly back to Boston, drive to Meredith, NH.
15. Follow 104 East to Route 3 North, turn left at the light. The Inns are 1/2 mile down at the Junction of Routes 3 and 25.

Approximate Travel Time: 7 years, 9 months and 27 days. (Depending on Los Angeles Traffic)

Consult map for details.

And the map looks like this!


It was a cute way to sum out our relationship leading up to the wedding. We did the long distance thing for three years! There was often a 3 timezone time difference between us. But we made it through. We’re so grateful for that distance because it made us both independent people who thrive on strong communication. (sappy, huh?)