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Egypt: A Nation in Need February 3, 2011

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I just can’t believe all the chaos going on in Egypt right now. First Russia, now Egypt. I noticed the corruption, sadness and frustration when I went just three months ago. But I never expected anything like this to happen. In general, the people we came into contact with were just desperate for a better life. Yea the street beggers and souvenir vendors are aggressive, but as a tourist, it comes with the territory. When you dig a little deeper, you see people who are just trying to make a living in a country that offers them no help. Although the deaths and devastation are a tragedy, I really do hope that something good comes off the protests. They deserve a government who will help build their nation, celebrate their history and encourage economic and social growth.


This is what the Egypt museum looks like this week:

cbc_egypt [CBC]


And this is me in front of it just a few short months ago:

I’m crossing my fingers for them so that they can enjoy peace once again and my kids can visit a new Egypt some day.