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Egypt & The Nile November 15, 2010

This was our 3rd time with Contiki. The tour was “Egypt and the Nile“.

October 30 ā€“ November 6, 2010

IMG_1434 IMG_1344 IMG_1324 IMG_1907 IMG_1531 (2) (Small)

Day 1: Egyptian Museum, Giza, Pyramids, Sphinx, Camel Ride

Day 2: Aswan, High Dam, Lake Nasser, Unfinished Obelisk, Botanical Garden

Day 3: Abu Simbel, Nile Cruise, Kom Ombo

Day 4: Luxor, Temple of Edfu, Nile Cruise, Luxor Temple

Day 5: Valley of the Kings, Colossi of Memnon, Karnack Temple

Day 6: Cairo, Citadel, Step Pyramid, Saqqara, Cairo Market, Pyramid Light Show


A video from our trip:


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