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Ragnar Leg Assignments! February 23, 2011

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I’m SO excited to be on a SoCal Ragnar Relay team. And I think I found a good one too! Ragnar is a two-day 200 mile relay race from Los Angeles to San Diego. Each team has 12 people who take turns running. You nap in between legs, eat in the van, and run with a head lamp at 2 in the morning. Sounds like a party to me!


We had our first team meeting last week, but I couldn’t attend since I was in Boston! But it looks like everyone is organized and motivated to RUN! Get this, we are even going to have a video production team with us shooting footage and producing a movie about it! All of a sudden my running outfits have become even MORE important. I might need a new running skirt, yes?

Don’t you love sweaty hair?

I got my leg assignments, I am runner #10 (out of 12). I will run three separate legs consisting of 1.) 3.3 Miles Easy
2.) 6.1 Miles  Hard
3.) 5.9 Miles Hard

For a total of 15.3 Miles! This is exactly what I wanted. Some of the runner positions run as much as 21.2 miles and as little as 13.1 so I am happy to be right in the middle. Time to get training!


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  1. Caroline Says:

    That sounds so fun! You should definitely get a new running skirt…I love getting new running stuff!

  2. cathy Says:

    that skirt is cute…but you have had it for a while…time for a new one…especially if your going to be filmed!…looking fwd to hearing all about this one!

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