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The really good…and really, really bad! February 23, 2011

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Let’s start with the really bad, shall we? I have not had soda (diet or regular) for over three years. I stopped drinking it a year before my wedding because I heard it made you crave sugar and was full of chemicals. I eat enough crap and didn’t need any more junk if I could help it.

Today, we had a catered lunch (mexican food! My favorite!) So I thought that maybe a diet 7up would be a nice way to wash the rice and beans down. WRONG! Ew! There is a reason I don’t drink the stuff. Gross! And I am glad it tasted gross. One less bad thing in my life to tempt me! I dumped the entire can down the sink.


But don’t worry, I made up for it with a couple of these! (This is the “really good” part of the post!)

I wait for these All Year Long! Mmmm…..

I will be going for a run tonight to attempt to burn these off. And it will be totally worth it because these are are awesome.

Random fact of the day…. there are two companies that produce Girl Scout Cookies… and depending on where you are in the country, they have different names! My beloved Samoas are also called Caramel Delites on the East Coast!


6 Responses to “The really good…and really, really bad!”

  1. Diana Says:

    wow. I too dont drink soda. I used to be ADDICTED to mountain dew. When my kid was born 19 years ago, all I would drink ws the dew. About 3 liters a day. How I even have teeth I have no idea. Then one day I just stopped. Now I dont have any soda. Crazy huh!?

    I am actually one of those weird people who do not like girl scout cookies. Crazy huh. I cant stand those mint cookies. YUCK. I wish I did cause they look totally yummy!

  2. Caroline Says:

    I am so with you on the diet soft drinks. I was addicted to Diet Sunkist at one time but then quit drinking it and now cannot drink any soft drink. Except a sprite with cherry juice (Shirley Temple) every blue moon! 🙂

    I grew up and they were Carmel Delights where I am from! How funny!

  3. Tara Salvi Says:

    I had been drinking at least a can of soda every day until a few weeks ago. I totally notice my sugar cravings have toned down. I’m not losing any weight because of it, but I feel better.

    Also, I have two Caramel Delights in my lunch bag, waiting for 3-o’clock-snack time. 2 hours to go!

  4. Lizzy Says:

    I’m an east coast Carmel DeLites LOVER! I remember when they changed the name and so glad they changed it back here 🙂

  5. Those Caramel DeLites look nowhere NEAR as good as the Samoas!

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