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How to cram it all in… February 25, 2011

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This week has been a little nutty in the Kelocity household. Ever since we got back from Boston, it’s been non-stop. I’m barely unpacked from the trip, and the stack of mail on my desk is a little scary. Let’s just say, I’m really glad it’s Friday. Looking forward to a relaxing and productive weekend at home. Bring on the to-do list! (Is it strange that Irving and I find to-lists relaxing?)

Yesterday, I worked a 14-hour day up in Santa Barbara. I forget how gorgeous it is up there. There are mountains, gorges, lakes, wineries, small towns, and ocean views. It was a bit on the chilly side, but just so refreshing to be outside in the sun.

This was my office for the day. Yea, isn’t my life awful?
Anyways, I finally got home last night at 8pm (I left the house at 6am). I threw my keys on the counter, kicked off my shoes, and was just about to grab a snack…. when Irving called me. He was at an Oscar Party (with some of the nominees there–no celebs, but some of the behind the scenes people!) But he said the party was awesome and I should come down to join him. So I put my apple back in the fridge, and changed into a dress and headed out.

Here’s a tip… Wearing pearls dresses up any outfit!

Irving gave me a freshwater pearl necklace for Valentine’s Day! I LOVE it! I told him that at SOME point in my life, I’d love a real string of pearls… and then this beauty appeared in a gorgeous box on VDay. I’m a lucky girl.

But Irving was right, the party was awesome. I mean, there was even a red carpet!
There was a 70s theme, and they had everything from disco balls, to lava lamps to old school video games (think pacman and donkey kong!)

The food was awesome. It was all comfort food. They had Truffle Oil Mac & Cheese, fish sticks, fritos with chili (I’m told this is an MIT thing?) and a bunch of other great food from your childhood!

And then… there was dessert. A whole table of food that made you feel like a kid again. They had whoopie pies (chocolate and red velvet!), marshmallows, cream puffs, animal crackers, and a slew of chocolate fountain goodies.  I had half a whoopie pie and called it a night. I was so full!

They also had glazed doughnuts on a stick…

I don’t eat donuts (only Dunkin Donut chocolate munchins). But my husband could have probably put away this entire bucket. He was very excited about the donuts. =)

I’m pooped…. 14 hour workday that included 5 hours of driving…. AND a Hollywood Party… I’m ready for the weekend!


5 Responses to “How to cram it all in…”

  1. Diana Says:

    totally jealous!!!!! totally jealous of these parties, but my goodness I would have been exhausted!!!!

  2. Caroline Says:

    I love that you go to these fun, unique events! They always sound so interesting!

  3. MIkaela Says:

    lol so much for that nice delicous apple you were gunna eat for a snack LOL. thats awesome…you guys are very lucky to be able to go to these events

  4. Anne Peterson Says:

    Wow! Long day Kelley. I am a little jealous though. Work all day and then out on the town with the celebs! Sounds good to me!
    Great pictures

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