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His + Hers March 2, 2011

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We’ve had a busy couple of weeks, so the theme for dinner this week is easy. Last night, we made his and hers Italian subs. Veal Cutlet for him… and Eggplant Patties for her.

A little burnt bread never killed anyone!

Served along side a big salad. YUM!

And eaten with some good entertainment!

Dean Karnazes is a machine!!! His stories of endurance never get old.IMG_3904

Irving gave me permission to post this. MMMmm!

Oh man, those towers of CDs need to go. Stat!!!!!

Tonight, we attended a 6pm screening of The Adjustment Bureau.

Sure, it had some holes, but I thought it was a cute, romantic movie. I would have said that it was a chic flick, however, due to Emily Blunt’s extremely revealing wardrobe choices…. I have to say the men will like it as well…Just sayin!

Since we got home at 8, we had some great PB&J sandwiches for dinner. Wife of the year, right here!

I think root beer floats are also on the menu tonight. YAY!

Do you eat at your desk? 90% of the time we do… when we’re not watching Jeopardy that is!


5 Responses to “His + Hers”

  1. Diana Says:

    I love Matt! LOVE!!!!! How did you score this premiere? Do they have them in LA all the time that you can just attend? I haven’t had a TV (well watched TV for about 6 years now so I go to the red boxes and add them to my phone so I can add them to my netflix.. cant wait for this movie!

    • Kelocity Says:

      Yea, if you live in LA long enough, these things just pop up all over the place. haha. Comes with the territory of living out here I guess. 🙂 Matt wasn’t actually there, it was just an advance screening. Cute movie though!

  2. MIkaela Says:

    love how you two eat at your desks and now the table/counter. & love the picture of us on ur desk! 🙂

  3. Amanda Says:

    Andy has been wanting to see that movie. If it’s semi-chick flicky then I’ll probably like it too. I’m such a girl with movies!

    Root beer floats sound soo good!

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