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Sugar, Sugar (Cookies) March 6, 2011

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Last night, we went over to Erika and Timmy’s house for a Mexican Fiesta. They had quite the spread… I totally didn’t take any pictures, but you name it, they had. It was DELICIOUS. We were in charge of Guacamole and dessert. We figured, might as well go authentic, and headed to a Mexican Supermarket to get some fresh guacamole while we were out. We walked all around the store before asking an employee where it was. They looked at us and said “Uh, Guacamole? Like the dip?” we were like “um, Yes!?” And they didn’t have any!! Maybe they just make it fresh from home and no one actually buys it in the stores? So strange!

Anyways, for dessert, I went traditional (basically as American as you can get).

IMG_3967 IMG_3966

Since they just moved into a new apartment, I made half the batch of cookies as little houses!


And the second half, I dyed red and made little hearts (to celebrate baby Sophie!)

The hearts were looking a little plain, so I dressed them up with some sprinkles!

There may or may not have been a slight sprinkle disaster, but don’t worry, Irving. The roomba will eat them on Monday.

They came out so cute!


The house cookies did too. Can you tell it’s a house?

I’m a pretty clean baker. I pretty much clean up as I go to avoid a huge mess at the end. But these sure made for a lot of dirty dishes!

Irving admitted he didn’t love these cookies. And I admit, they definitely weren’t the most creative option, but once in a while, you just need an old fashioned sugar cookie.