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Baking with Grammie December 23, 2013

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I think “Baking with her Granddaughter” has been on Grammie’s bucket list since Adele was born. Today, we made that wish come true. I don’t know who had more fun.

They started small, with some basic Pillsbury sugar cookies. Over the years, these two chefs plan to graduate to more complicated culinary adventures. But for today, it was all about Frosty and Santa.

These cookies were made with love, let me tell you!


Then we waited for our cookie masterpieces to come out of the oven.

And like all great chefs, Adele found out that half of cooking is doing the dishes!


I have to say, Adele’s Christmas Cookies are going to be the hit of Christmas Eve dinner! Get em’ while they’re hot!


Baked, Sealed and Delivered May 31, 2011

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Recently, Tina at CarrotsNCake had a blogger bake sale to raise money for kids in low-income areas to get health and fitness education. It definitely seemed like a good enough cause, and I was really just doing my part by bidding on some amazing cookies. When all was said and done, I won some Orange Dark Chocolate Chip Cookies from Kaitlin with Honey! Actually, they were made by her roommate, Mark. I was so excited!

And today, they were hand delivered by the baker himself!
0531011847 IMG_6040

Oh my gosh, they were all packaged up so cute!


Four boxes of the most delicious cookies you’ve ever tasted!

Look who wandered over to take a looksie!

Let me tell you, we love cookies. Our house currently has this hidden away in the pantry:

But Irving declared these cookies “even better than milano”.
They were soft, chewy and full of chocolate chunks and orange flavored goodness.

Thanks Kaitlin and Mark, these were incredible. And you should consider selling them. They are just perfect!


Sugar, Sugar (Cookies) March 6, 2011

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Last night, we went over to Erika and Timmy’s house for a Mexican Fiesta. They had quite the spread… I totally didn’t take any pictures, but you name it, they had. It was DELICIOUS. We were in charge of Guacamole and dessert. We figured, might as well go authentic, and headed to a Mexican Supermarket to get some fresh guacamole while we were out. We walked all around the store before asking an employee where it was. They looked at us and said “Uh, Guacamole? Like the dip?” we were like “um, Yes!?” And they didn’t have any!! Maybe they just make it fresh from home and no one actually buys it in the stores? So strange!

Anyways, for dessert, I went traditional (basically as American as you can get).

IMG_3967 IMG_3966

Since they just moved into a new apartment, I made half the batch of cookies as little houses!


And the second half, I dyed red and made little hearts (to celebrate baby Sophie!)

The hearts were looking a little plain, so I dressed them up with some sprinkles!

There may or may not have been a slight sprinkle disaster, but don’t worry, Irving. The roomba will eat them on Monday.

They came out so cute!


The house cookies did too. Can you tell it’s a house?

I’m a pretty clean baker. I pretty much clean up as I go to avoid a huge mess at the end. But these sure made for a lot of dirty dishes!

Irving admitted he didn’t love these cookies. And I admit, they definitely weren’t the most creative option, but once in a while, you just need an old fashioned sugar cookie.


I hate Cooking… September 19, 2010

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I really do. I hate the grocery shopping, the meal planning, the prepping and the actual COOKING. But I love eating… so I guess I don’t have a choice right?

I seriously spent 2 hours in the grocery store yesterday going around and around waiting to be inspired by something! I swear the guys at the deli counter thought I was homeless or something because for the first two laps around the store, I had NOTHING in my cart except a couple of avocados and a bag of sugar. (I have issues).

But finally, I whipped out my blackberry, hid out in the bread aisle and crafted a week’s worth of meal ideas and the proceeded to go up and down the aisles slinging tomatoes, rice, cilantro and swiss cheese into my cart… by the end, I spent a hundred dollars. (For two people, doesn’t that seem like alot?) But to my credit, there was a $10 bottle of pure canadian maple syrup in there… (I just can’t justify buying syrup where the first ingredient is high fructose corn syrup. EW, right?)


So now, I present a challenge…. Cook a fresh meal for my family (um, Irving and me) every day for two weeks (and live to blog about it).

This will require lots of this:

First up… Erika’s enchiladas recipe. I can’t take credit at all for the recipe, so head to her site and ask her for it. 🙂

A full hour later, a tray of DELICIOUS homemade enchiladas came out of the oven:

And dare I even say it was healthy? Well, healthier than if I ordered it out… and Irving LOVED it.

Challenge #1: Complete.


While I was in the kitchen, I whipped out a batch of Dark Chocolate Chip cookies!



***pats self on back***


Peanut Butter Kiss Cookies June 14, 2010

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I had a total craving for some cookies that reminded me of being a kid. I finally found a recipe online for some Peanut Butter Kiss Cookies that was really, really good!IMG_4033

The dough was really hard to mix and it wasn’t blending well at first.

So I ended up just using my hands to mix it all together.

My favorite part was rolling the balls in sugar! (Don’t they look like Munchkins)?

All lined up and ready to be baked!
 IMG_4038 IMG_4039

When they came out, I added the Hershey’s Kisses…..But not just any Hershey’s Kisses….. CARAMEL ones!!!!

Ok… I lied up above… my favorite part was actually putting the Kisses into the cookies!

It felt like I was squishing the cookies too much, so I started inserting them upside down!


OMG these were SOOOOOO good!!!!

The jury called these cookies “devine” and “yummalicious”.

I definitely have to make these again ASAP!


Pre-Christmas Presents! December 14, 2009

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Wow, I came home to find a whole bunch of good mail today! A whole bunch of great christmas cards (thanks for thinking of us, friends!) We also got an early Christmas Present from Jake and Janie (hi guys!) but Irving wouldn’t let me open them til Christmas! But I did grab the cute Ornament they sent and put it promptly on the tree!! It combines my three favorite things: Cupcakes, Christmas and Ornament. 🙂 

And then Erika sent us a HUGE box of homemade Christmas cookies!!! THANK YOU!!!!! Not only were they gorgeously wrapped, but they tasted ah-mazing. Look how pretty they look!

The note read: One great way of spreading cheer, is singing loud for all to hear. (or eating cookies!)

There were candy cane shaped almond cookies, chocolate cookies, sugar cookies and this amazing one:

I mean, how awesome is that combination! We quickly ate one of everything before dinner!

Irving was caught going back for seconds!


Thanks for the awesome christmas treats! We love them… and have to resist eating one everytime we walk past them! YUM YUM!


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