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They’re Growing!! March 11, 2011

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Remember when I planted an herb garden a few weeks ago? Well it’s only been about 10 days, and my little plants are already sprouting!


I got so excited, I went into work this week telling everyone that “my herbs are sprouting!” I’m sure no one cares, but this is exciting!

Right now, my Dill is out of control! It’s growing like a weed an herb!

But I left it outside today, and a few of them seem to have fallen over and died?! Are they supposed to fall over? Help! How do you get them to stand upright? Do they need more water?

The Basil is also coming up nice! It looks like little baby basils!

And the parsley has just popped up too. It’s so cute!

Keep crossing your fingers!!!!


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  1. Your herbs look awesome! I tried to have a mini garden and I totally failed at keeping it alive. It was great meeting you last night!

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