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Luck of the Irish Cupcakes! March 17, 2011

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This is not a food blog, nor do I claim it to be so. It’s pretty obvious that I have absolutely no creative cooking skills what-so-ever. But that doesn’t prevent me from seeing amazing recipes on other great food blogs and recreating them myself.

Today’s culinary adventure comes from Green Lite Bites (who had a baby today, by the way!!) She posted a great recipe for green cupcakes! Erika and I had a dinner party tonight, and these were the perfect dessert for St. Patrick’s Day!!

But here’s the kicker…. the recipe calls for a box of cake mix, some applesauce and this magic ingredient:

A whole bag of spinach!

Ok, I know, sounds gross… but trust me on this one. Roni doesn’t steer you wrong.

You puree the spinach with the applesauce for a while in the food processor:

Yep. A whole bag! Pregnant ladies need their nutrients!

Then you mix the green mixture with a box of cake mix… and stir, baby, stir!

I know, I agree, it sounds gross. But I did some batter sampling, and I can tell you that all I tasted was vanilla.

We used mini cupcake tins to make bite sized treats.

It’s so much fun baking with friends!

They came out of the oven perfect! They even rose up like normal cupcakes do.  We dyed our frosting green too (for the record, frosting=unhealthy… but I could eat a jar of frosting with a spoon, and in my world, cupcakes need frosting!)

I experimented with a piping tip to make them look all pretty, I need a little practice though.

So pretty!

We tasted them and they were pretty rocking. They were rich and moist, with lots of vanilla flavor.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


5 Responses to “Luck of the Irish Cupcakes!”

  1. I’d love to sneak in spinach like that! Salads aren’t appetizing to me lately… the thought of raw leaves… blah! This is a GREAT excuse for me to eat veggies in my sweets.

  2. Amanda Says:

    Green cupcakes! YUM!!!! I am so with you on the frosting.

  3. How many cups of spinach are in that bag you used?

  4. Lauren Holden Says:

    what a good sneaky way to get kids to eat veggies, especially spinach!! i am sooo trying this thanks for sharing 🙂

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