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Angry Clouds March 21, 2011

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According to the National Weather Service, Downtown Los Angeles received record rainfall with 2.42 inches of rain, breaking the 1943 record of 1.48 inches for March 20.

That’s a lot of rain. It looks like Armageddon out my window today. Those are some angry clouds!

I think LA is pretty during the rainy season. Lush, green and alive. I’m sure all the bushes will be turning brown and dead soon enough when the temps hit 100*+, but for now, I’m enjoying my rain.

I really wish I had a great pair of rainboots to puddle jump in.


3 Responses to “Angry Clouds”

  1. I love rain when I can chill indoors. And I think rain clouds can be pretty too.

  2. Amanda Says:

    I enjoy the rain for that reason too. It gets so dry and hot during the summer!

  3. Erika Says:

    Did you hear the couple rumbles of thunder we had yesterday morning at around 8:30? Muggles sure did. We found him in the closet, behind the door, behind our clothes, and shaking while sitting on Timmy’s shoes. Poor guy. Lol!

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