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An Unplanned Mud Run March 27, 2011

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When I woke up this morning, it was raining in LA. I decided to meet my group for a run anyways. I really didn’t expect anyone else to be there, but surprisingly, eight other people came! It was a delicate run though, there was mud everywhere and it was very slippery. The little river nearby completely flooded and when the water receded, lots of stuff was left behind.

We were particularly worried about this little guy! We found him in the middle of the road! He was missing one claw, but was still doing his best to shimmy to the side of the road. We named him Sebastian.


By the time we were done (4.8 miles later), we were covered in mud.

Now I’m in sweatpants trying to warm up. I think I might go make a cup of coffee (with Bailey’s Chocolate Creamer of course!)


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  1. Amanda Says:

    A mud run sounds fun! I’m jealous.

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