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My Run… The Movie March 31, 2011

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A few weeks back, we got tickets to see the movie ‘My Run’, which is a documentary about a middle-aged man who ran 75 marathons in 75 days in a quest to raise awareness for Single Parenthood. I can’t even imagine running two marathons in a row, let alone 75?! It sounded like a compelling story, so we were excited to go.

The movie was put on by Fathom Events, which usually does a great job picking really good stories and telling them on the big screen. We’ve been to almost all of their events in the past few months. But I have to say, “My Run” didn’t hit the mark. At all.

Terry Hitchcock sounds like a great man with a great story in real life. He’s got a really big heart that I admire…. but the movie did a really bad job of portraying it. I went to film school and I work in the industry, so to me, it doesn’t matter how great the story is… if you can’t tell it properly, you’re going to lose me.

Terry’s run (the 75 marathons in 75 days) actually took place in 1996, the year the Olympics were in Atlanta. So the footage was pretty bad. And the 80s music and cheesy edit transitions really dated this film.

It had a lot of potential, and I actually think it would make a good book, but they did a bad job convincing me I should care about the story. I’m just being honest.

Anyways, the night was redeemed when I saw this movie poster in the mall.IMG_5010

I can’t wait to watch this week’s episode on my tivo!

Here I come Amy and Ricky!


5 Responses to “My Run… The Movie”

  1. MIkaela Says:

    i saw a billboard poster of “MY RUN” in boston! i didnt see the movie though. and i missed secret life, i watch make it or break it lol

  2. E.J. Says:

    Amy and Ricky? I stopped watching after the second season, so that just confuses me!

  3. Too bad the movie was a let down, sounds like an interesting story to read though!

    • Kimberly Says:

      Totally disagree with this POST regarding MY RUN. I saw the film at the Fathom event and I just loved this movie.

      By the way, I went to see MY RUN with a group of 15 that were a mix of runners, baby boomers and a couple filmmakers too and we all thought it was just a beautiful and moving film.

      Sorry to disagree, I understand that films are subjective.

      Wishing you a wonderful day,

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