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Calves and Contiki! April 5, 2011

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Wow, that hike this weekend really did me in. Yesterday, my calves just felt really tight, but today, i woke up in pain. Must be that delayed on-set muscle soreness. Ouch!

I’ll be doing a lot of this at my desk today.

As a runner, I’m used to my quads, shins and hamstrings being sore…. but sore calves are a whole new beast to me. I feel like I’m walking around with rocks stuck to my legs, is this normal? I iced for a bit this morning (while watching last night’s Secret Life!) and then foam rolled, but it was almost too painful to do! Isn’t foam rolling supposed to hurt, and then feel good? Well this just never felt good.

I plan to keep icing, stretching, moving and drinking lots of water today. I think a nice jog tonight would also be beneficial. Ragnar is 10 days away!


In other news, check out my first Guest Post on the Contiki Travel Blog! I’m so excited to be able to share my travel adventures and tips on their site. I’ll be posting weekly, if there’s any topics you want me to cover, let me know!


4 Responses to “Calves and Contiki!”

  1. Mama Gaga Says:

    OMG.. you’re a Contiki travel blogger now?! I get behind on my Google Reader and end up so out of the loop. That’s AMAZING! Can’t wait to go read your post. 🙂

  2. Monica Says:

    Oh man, I wish that I had finally reached the point of foam rolling comfort! That thing is always so painful for me.

    If you have spin shoes, or any shoe with a firm bottom, use them for a calf stretch – works wonders!!! I get sore calves a lot and propping my toes up on a wall and dropping my heel into a deep stretch works like magic. 🙂

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