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A Very Pink Baby Shower April 9, 2011

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Today, I hosted a baby shower at my house for my good friends, Erika and Timmy. They are expecting a baby girl in a month or so and we are SO excited for them! I’ve been collaborating with her mom on the party, and I think it came out so cute! I think baby Sophie will love all her gifts!

IMG_5096 IMG_5101
IMG_5137 IMG_5152

We totally lucked out that it’s Easter Season because Easter Colors = Baby Shower colors!

Timmy’s sister made an awesome Diaper Cake! Very Cute!

I could never make a cake that would come out remotely as good as Erika could, so I didn’t even try. I left the cake to the professionals and got some Yummy Cupcakes. Wise decision. They were awesome!

Sugar Close-Up Awesomeness!

Since Erika loves books (who doesn’t!), we asked everyone to bring their favorite childhood book to add to Sophie’s bookshelf. Lots of fun kids books! I loved seeing what everyone picked. No duplicates either!

We played a couple of fun games. (And no, we did NOT play the ‘smell the diaper’ game. That’s gross.)

First up was ‘How Big is the Bump’.

We each cut some Tummy Tape the length we thought would fit around mama’s belly. Closest one wins!
Janet came the closest! The rest of us were way off. haha sorry Erika!

The second game we played was called ‘The Mommy Multitasker’! Each person had to pretend to hold a baby and be on the phone while trying to pin socks to the clothesline with one hand. The most socks pinned in 30 seconds wins!


The guys tried too. It was quite funny to watch!




We had three rounds of ties before finally finding a winner!


Since we had a small group, we decided to bring in some food from Pitfire Pizza. AMAZING. They have the best pizza.


They got so many great gifts. I think Baby Sophie will have everything she needs when she makes her debut into the world.



It was nice that Timmy was there too. I think he was getting a kick out of all the cute little baby things.

IMG_5229 IMG_5233  


It was neat that some people got to watch via Skype.

We made goodie bags for all the guests too.

Each bag contained a cute notepad, a Cheerios Cereal Bar (they used to call the baby Cheerio before they knew it was going to be a girl!), some chocolate and a homemade bookmark.


Congratulations guys. We’re SO excited to meet the baby in just a few weeks!



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  1. Mama Gaga Says:

    You’re such a great friend. Looks like you guys threw a really fun shower — love those game ideas, too! So excited for Sophie to get here!

  2. Monica Says:

    How cute! I love the multitasking Mom game! I cannot wait for my baby shower and think I am going to plan one for myself back in the Midwest and make it really unusual, haha.

  3. ashley Says:

    cute! i so wish we were there!!! looks like you all had a wonderful time! xoxo congrats erika!!!!

  4. Amanda Says:

    This looks like such a good baby shower! How exciting! I love babies.

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