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MMmmmatzo Balls! April 11, 2011

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We went out to eat last night with Erika and Timmy. Seems to be a regular Sunday Night tradition. Such a nice way to end the weekend: good food with good friends.

Last night, we headed to Canter’s Deli in Hollywood. They haven’t been before, and it’s kind of a Los Angeles staple. (Plus I really wanted Matzo Ball Soup!)

The food is great, the decor and the prices however are not. But like I said, the food is great.

That being said, want to see what $40 buys you at Canters?

Bowl of Matzo Ball Soup (with Bagel Chips)

Grilled Cheese (with Ruffle? chips) —Check out that AMAZING cheese!

Monte Cristo (The husband has to eat too!)

Yep. We paid $40 for grilled cheese, soup, a fried sandwich and some chips. And it was awesome. Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.


2 Responses to “MMmmmatzo Balls!”

  1. Monica Says:

    Typical LA. Costly costly costly costly. 😉

  2. Matzo ball soup is my favorite comfort ever 🙂

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