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Good Nights End with Menchies May 15, 2011

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Last night, Irving and I went out for dinner (We had a groupon for a great Mexican place in burbank!) Before we ordered I asked Irving he wanted to try Yogurtland with me. I’ve never had it before. So I ordered a salad with the hopes of balancing it out with Fro-Yo. But when we walked by it after, there were hoards of kids and it was claustrophobic in there so decided against it. I was totally bummed. I wanted dessert!

We did a little shopping at Old Navy, Bed Bath and Beyond and Target when I got a text message from my friend Erica! She wanted to know if we wanted to meet at Menchies in a few minutes! YES. PLEASE!

It was fate! We chatted for almost an hour about LA, travel and beyond. So fun!

I had the Reece’s Peanut Butter cup (with crumbled reeces on top (and some other stuff). YUM!


Erica snapped this picture of the two of us. Thanks!!


Such a great night. I love menchies.


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  1. OMG, I looooove Menchies! When they had their pumpkin fro yo it was awesome 🙂 Ane the marshmallow topping is delicious.

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