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Where’d The Weekend Go? May 16, 2011

I had a fabulous weekend, but it went much too fast. On Saturday, I participated in Race/LA. It’s like The Amazing Race but it all takes place in one day in Los Angeles. If you love scavenger hunt/adventure races, definitely check it out. I’ve been working for them for six years! A few times a year they have the full day events and they are SO much fun.

I hand out clues at certain stations around the city. Each stop has a clue with some kind of task they have to complete before moving on to the next one. It’s a ton of fun! I’ve never run the race as a competitor, but someday I really want to!

On Sunday, my friend Courtney came to visit! We went to High School together and don’t get to hang out very often, so it was awesome to spend the whole day together!

We did the usual touristy things around Hollywood: Mann’s Chinese Theater, Rodeo Drive, Hollywood Sign, celeb stalking, etc. It was so much fun. Sometimes it’s easy to forget we actually live here! I love exploring this town and having friends to do it with!


Doesn’t this look like a tropical island or something? It was actually the Hollywood Reservoir! Who knew!



Since it rained Saturday night, the skies were so clear on Sunday. We could see all the way to the ocean from up in the Hollywood Hills.

For lunch, we met up with Erika and Timmy too! We ate at Caioti Pizza in Tujunga Village. I love my high school friends!

Erika’s due date is next week and we are all SO excited for them. Caioti has a salad on the menu that is rumored to induce labor! I was so excited that Erika ordered it. Hope it works!


Today, after work, I went for a 3 mile hike. It has been months since I hiked this trail and it felt SO good to get back at it again.

I needed a little bit of nature today.  A good way to start off the week.

Plus I got to wear my Ragnar shirt. Yippee!!


After a quick stop at Trader Joes, I threw together a dinner of “whatever I felt like”. And it was awesome.

PB&J, Cantaloupe, spinach with a drizzle of honey… and two pickles for good measure. Hit. The. Spot.

Rewind to earlier…. I made the perfect sandwich. The right amount of peanut butter, the perfect scoop of Jelly…. And then this happened.

Ever try to clean up shattered glass mixed with sticky jam? Not easy and not fun, but these things happen. I appropriately hashtagged it “#MustBeMonday”. (Is ‘hashtagged’ a verb? It is, right?)


Do you still keep in touch with your High School friends?
I love mine and I’m so glad we stayed close. I miss them!


4 Responses to “Where’d The Weekend Go?”

  1. Nothing worse than dropping something on a Monday. I’ve done it before and it can be so depressing.

  2. Jelly-dropping = sadness 😦 I had to share this video with you though, in case you hadn’t seen it yet! It might cheer you up.

  3. Some of my closest friends are from high school, though of course, I’ve lost touch with a lot of them, too.

    Love throw-together dinners… I do that, too.

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